We love to carefully pick our gear, our fly fishing gear is often an extension of who we are, there is an identification with the fisherman and its gear. Some guys (we call them the Grey Brigade) like to wear camo, or sage and have black gear, others (we don’t have a name for them) like colourful clothes and a different gear, rod or reel, than the other guy. So, here’s a reel for both kinds, like a lot of reels it aluminium molded, has a large arbor, a smooth drag and a quick retreive.

But it has something more than the others, you can keep it black or you can stick a decal on it and it’ll give you a total different look and that reel is the Redington I.D.! And that’s why we like it! For that rang of price you’ll find other brands and some in other coulours but black but the idea to have it with a sticker that you can change with your mood is pretty cool, since there is a large choice to choose from!Capture d’écran 2018-02-12 à 16.19.58We just love the idea, the day you go for trout you stick a trout skin, the day you fish from a boat, you put a boat sticker!
efbc2828-ecd7-458c-8cd1-e2b95ce79625109$, it’s hard to beat for a reel that’s more fun than the others, and for an extra 5 bucks, you get a handful of stickers! And the reel has a lifetime warranty!