I know, you’re watching the Olympics, but what about turning the tv off and getting to the real world, the world of Fly Fishing? Here’s for you, the latest issue of Southern Culture On the Fly: SCOF #26! Just dive in.

Join the Circus, you want to be fishing and getting ink with those guys, you’ll just want to be part of it once you’ll read it. join

Kick Plastic. For decades we thought it was the best, it was handy, it was cheap. But today, the price to pay is high, too high, we have to stop. We have to use metal instead of plastic, plastic is ruining our waters. kick-plasticWhen enough is enough. What about if we changed our attitude, what about if instead of going to  catch as many fish as we could, we just caught one and enjoy the day on the water? enough

Jigged nymph learn to tie that killer nymph.nymph

Dirt Bag. We know what you think, we do the same “I’m on a boat I can load as much shit I want in my bag”. We know we always bring too much. But what’s in the boat bags? dirt-bagTrout South. Going on a fishing trip in the South, we just want ot be with them, David Grossman the writer and Steve Seinberg who took those awesome pictures. Let’s go south!troutsouthNow you can go back to the Olympics.