It’s going to drive yo nuts

I don’t know about you, but for us this year has been the no dry fly year! It started in April in Bosnia, I spent my time casting dries at fish who prefered to feast on nymphs, luckily I managed to catch a few, but not as many as my friends with Nymphs. Then I went on River Dordogne, France, to shoot a film with big trout raising. Zip! Nada! All the guys who managed to catch fish where on nymphs too (I’m not talking about the One fish a day I’ve been able to catch on dry). Than on the small streams of my Aubrac moutains, same thing, no hatch! I drove down to Catalunya, I caught nothing regardng all the fish the locals were catching with Perdigon nymphs. I needed dry flies, I need trout feeding on dries! Badly, just to reassure myself that the whole of Europe was not going nymphing. I was almost falling into depression until I found that film, in Swedish Lapland. It is exactly what I needed! Trout raising like rockets to insects on the surface! Thank you guys, you saved my life (mainly my flyboxes I was about to throw!)