The Mission #11

Stinks like back to school, you are still tanned from those long afternoons at the beach, your face still has that smile of bliss, you heard is filled with memories, but we know it’s not going to last, that the sunny days are going to slow down, that the p roblems are going to start, and they are going to pile up. That’s how it goes, every september. Than fishing season is going to be over. And we hate that moment! Only weirdos enjoy that period of the year and happy to go back to work. For us, that seasons sucks ass. front-full

Luckily to keep on dreaming and to take our adventures a little further, there is a magazine to which we feel attached to, an ezine, that smells like us and from which we get closer every issue. The Mission! Here’s issue #11, an issue that splashes you in the face with salt water to remind you it’s technicaly still summer, and also fresh water to rince it all. Here are some guy you want to be friend with and places you want to go!

Beer and Beats : Let’s start by a drink and a mixtape!beer&beats

Fakes and Ladders : Our friend Tudor explores Ireland! Pubs, sheeps, annoying turists and his first Atlantic Salmon!Fakes-and-leaders

KwaZulu Natal : Umgeni Riverumgeni

High 5s : Nick Schwerdtfeger from Gaula to the Ocean flats.high-5s

Comic strip : 40 year old virgin, but virgin from what? Hahaaa ! 40virgin

Jungle Fever : In the murky waters fo Gabon.jungle-fever

Rolf Nylinder, our friend, one of the guys who changed it all.rolf-nylinder

Fatties & Mombakkies : What better than a fat bike to go fishing from the beach?fat-bikes

The Salad Bar : Pull out your Credit Card!salad-barLalu Bug: Tie this up! lalu

The Jungle Angler : One you have but one obsession.jungle-angler

That’s it, you can now go back to real live be ready for the next issue! To tease you, just know that we’ll be doing the mixtape: a Mouchingtape, and you are going to LOVE it!