Soča, Tolmin

Oh, how we love Slovenia, for us it’s easy peasy! A cheap flight to Venice (there are hundreds of them), we rent a car, 2 hours later we are in Kobarid and we fish for a week in rivers filled with fish! We’ve got it all thanks to Tolmin Fishing Club probably one of the best of Slovenia, what we mean by that is that they take care of the rivers and the fish, they crated a fish farming  without which you would not be able to catch Marble trout which had almost disappeared twenty years ago! Yes, don’t be fooled, man is such a predator that without the Tolmin FIshing Club, there would be no fishing in that part of Slovenia! Fly Fishing in Slovenia is a real miracle, the legend says that the Minister of Agriculture from Tito in Yougoslavia was Slovenian and a fly fisher, he than set up the rules for protecting the rivers. That’s when Tolmin Fishing Club started, in 1947. Only fly fishing is aloud, barbless hooks and catch&release! But to be a member of the Club is not that easy, there are limited spots, you need to be sponsored by a member, thatn you’ll get a licence to fish only 30 days a year and you’ll have to provide 100 hours of work for the club! (ah if we could have the same rules all over the world!) Here are two films from our friends from Museline, the first one if to make you drool and the second is about the Tolmin Fishing Club! Go Slovenia now! MArble trout season ends september 30th and Trout and Grayling, November 4th.