Rain or Shine

When you see what rivers from the North Island in New Zealand have to offer, it can drive you nuts, especially when you know that the guys are going fly fishing for a day, as to find the same we have to drive hundreds of miles if not flying.  Yes, read well, just for a day! I feel the warm and salted tears rolling down my cheeks, life can be sometimes so unfair. This morning as I was driving to work the radio was telling me about the drought in the Alps, the fires in California, I was thining about my home river which hasn’t see, proper rain since June! I was recalling the talk I had with the forest rangers telling me they would not plant beech trees since the temperature would raise so much in the next 50 years that wouldn’t be able to cope with it. Redfish in Canada? What’s going to happen? What have we done?

SO to dry my tears, here’s a river with water and heatlthy fish in it! Don’t let that drought take you down, Let’s make a rain dance and hope it’ll be better next year.