SCOF #29

Trout are like squirrels, they are stashing for winter, looking for proteines, grayling are going to wear their reddish colours, everybody’s getting ready for winter, pantries are filled with food in fish houses, they have to be ready for the mating season! In the meantime as days are shrinking we’re out getting feathers and fur to tie flies, but mainly to have a feast! As far as mating season is concerned, we’re the same, we do it in winter! Why do you think fall is when there are the most new borns, because we do it at Xmas! Well that was before Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu Roku… So if you’re out hunting, you might also pick up mushrooms, watch out with the one on the cover, some guys are still high after having had some years ago, we warned you! But all the others, the ones we cook with scramble eggs or with game, they are so tasty! So if you’re on the couch having a massive digetion, here’s for you : Southern Culture On the Fly, SCOF, and you know what, you can read it on your ipad or ipone using the Books app! Enjoy!ipad

SCOF#29full cover


Brook Trout! brook

River food! critter


Climate change! climate


Southern fish

King of the world!top world

That’s it, winter is going to be tough, next issue is only in 2019!