Better than a chocolate easter bunny, a brown trout from New Zealand!

That’s it, Easter has passed. I hope you’re gorging on chocolates, leg of lamb and wines!
To put it back, nothing like a little detour to a remote aera, specifically on the South Island of New Zealand, and with your buddies (otherwise it’s not so funny). Now, just imagine you are a kid of 2 years old at an Easter egg hunt, and you come face to face with a “maxi kinder surprise”. It is so big that it barely fit in your basket. Well that’s the same there but with trouts! So, don’t take a child’s net, you’ll probably regret it later! And that’s also true for flies. Plan big steaks, trouts eat a lot!!! On top of fishing really clear water with lot of trouts, you can enjoy a helicopter flight over the rivers and discover the amazing landscapes of this country. A little more chocolate?