Xcalak Salty Buffet

We love Mexico, we love Yucatan, we love Quintana Roo, we love Xcalak. It’s actualy the bottom part of Quintana Roo, the tip that touches Belize and its famous Ambergris Key. I drove down that coast in 1997, and there was pretty much no place to fly fish in Xcalak, there was a beach with several RV’s spending wintertime in the sun, a diving lodge filled with US doctors and that was it. I remember vaguely a small hotel that had a panga and they could take you fishing, but it was not fly fishing although they took me for some baby tarpon. Today, there are several camps in Xcalak. And it’s still a not too fished place, maybe you should go before it becomes over fished. One thing, it can be very windy, since you cannot hide as in Ascension Bay… This films somes up what you can do!