The little gravel road that leads, to your door.

Fly fishing icons are as we imagine them: guys who’s fishing days are perfect and who achieve everything! But the truth is that they are anglers like  you and me. And that means that in the terrible equation of a succesful fly fishing day, of course there is the angler, with his clumsiness and his weakness, the events he’s going through and that can disturb him, but also nature, the weather, athmospheric pressure, fish’s apetite or someone who fished that spot before. Than come our own weakneses as I was explaining earlier, what we bring along, that Karma, like forgetting your waders, your reel, your fly box or as in that film your boots. Everything affects us, lack of sleep, being in love, having had too much food, an argument, or even being obsessed by the fish you wish you catch, reasons are by the thousands! Everything that takes us away from our goal even the most minor event can have a major impact on our day.  When you want to fly fish, you have to give your best, and that means dedicate yourself to what you are doing at 380%! The rest is not in our hands and as Rolf Nylinder shows it in his beautiful film is that what is also deep down in us is the capacity of bursting with joy to be able to detect nature’s beauty and aknowledge that it is sometimes enough. We are like a dog who sometimes needs its walkies but not necesseraly needs to find the bone of his life! Have a great film, it’s magic, as usual.