The Capilene Cool collection from Patagonia, is lit and wants you some good (to your friends too)

The problem with man, is that (except a few loners) is that we like to mingle, we like to have a drink woth our peers after being in the outdoors, and unless that single lonely character all know, we appreciate being in the company of others. Unfortunatly we do’nt alwaus have tome to have a shower after fishing all day, and please do’nt tell me you do’nt know what I am talking about, we all had that horrible smell coming to our nose when we take off our waders or, worst, we all have almost fainted when a friend raised his arms not far from us. We  stink. Especially when we are in action and epscially if we wear shitty gear, I mean gear made of polypropylene or even sometimes nylon, they turn you in a sweating machine! And even if some of us use anti B.O. and perfume… cap

So, you get it, life in the great outdoors can be turn us into a beast! But now, Patagonia, who cares for the planet as well ast they care for you, comes with its new collection Capilene Cool! Some of the gear is even UPF50 to protect your skin from the sun!

Capilene is known to be human friendly, that mean you don’t keep the sweat, it’s breathable, and it dries, FAST! So no more sweaty stinky armpits, and most of all, you’ll feel cooler! Capilene can be warm or cool, and don’t forget the base layers, perfect for your waders (yes remember that smell I mentioned earlier?). And Capilene is for Men’s or Women’s, Capilene dries fast, is breathable and is Fair Trade.

Capilene Cool is your new friend, hot summer days are coming ahead, don’t be that smelly loner nobody wants to be around!