Carp in a pond, not a really clear waters.

At first I told myself “Wow, looks like Romania, we don’t get many Romanian films”! So I watched full screen, I was instantly drown in the fishing, it was exotic, i like fly gfishing for carp, the flies were beautiful, the fish feisty, quite big, than my eye got cought by the pond, the plastic pipe, the trash in the bushes and I said to myself it’s really disgusting and that we are really nuts to sometimes be able to cope with sh%t like that, just to catch fish! I reminded me once I went to fish for Grayling in the old Rhin, just by the German border, the sound of trucks and cars on the motorway was so loud I couldn’t hear the river, nor the birds, not even my fishing friend.The river bank in front of me was a thick concrete grey wall, a monotonus monolith. Thinkng about it today makes me say we are really twisted. Just to catch fish we are ready to close our eyes on what is unbearable, those plastic bags. Dude, you don’t want to fall in this water.

Grass carp drama from Bogdan Teodorescu on Vimeo.