#61, the American West issue!

If you planned to go West this summer, you are going to love issue #61 from Catch Magazine, you can also start tying some fat ass flies, since we all know in the West everything is bigger (small cdc’s saved my days too)! You can pick what you want:  Henry Fork, Yellowstone, Idaho, Montana, you’re in heaven! The best place to fish in America, it’s part of the dream, bisons, Rockies, big fish, cowboys, the america you can find in the books from Jim Harrison, Thomas McGuane or Richard Ford, among aothers. Short story, it’s reading those writers that I decided to fly fish, I had bought a rod in San Francisco and drove up a friend who was settling in Bozeman, I was hooked and I did not know it, 30 years later I’m still the same kid and you just need to mention those words: Yellowstone, Montana, Snake, cuttthroat, Last Chance, Bozeman or Idaho and I’m ready to go! I went back several times, the season I like the best is September, less tourists, grass hoppers and trout are seriously stocking proteins for the coming winter (flights are also cheaper and it’s easyer to find a place to sleep other than your car). So have a nice reading and if you haven’t suscribed to Catch Magazine, it’s about time you do it!  There are several films included in this issue.sommaire

Western trout, beauties! introducing

THE Yellowstone, rainbow, cutthroat, bisons, geysers, touristes and the beauty of an amazing National Park!yellowstone

Big Bugs! You need to have BIG BUGS in your fly box, flies are sometimes big as birds! And if you are planning on fishing with hoppers, you can get a mini flip flop, it’ll do the job! As usual all the fly fhsops have the week’s selection of flies!big bugs

Summer in Montana, just breathtaking!summer

Ketchum, Idahocastin

Sweet dreams!