A short film that gives the best of Dorado fly fishing

It’s always a good news whenever I receive an email from Tim Harden, I was wondering if the US soccer team led by Megan Rapinoe should go the White House now they are World Champions for the 4th time. I was thinking of everything that is taken away from our involment as fly fishermen for the protection of nature,while I was listening to João Gilberto mixtapes, sitting in in the shade. I was woken up by my daydreaming by the famous “ping” from my mailbox. Tim was telling us about the fishing in Tsimane in June. I just loved his film, so sharp, so well shot and edited. Editing has such a high ratio in a film, you can have the best shots if the editing sucks your beautiful shots are worthless. So that one minute film on Dorado is a lesson to all fly fishing film makers!