Tarpon, probably the best fish to catch on the flats.

FLy fishing for Tarpon on the flats is heaven. First you spend shours looking for them, sliding on the water looking for those long dark shadows or if you’re lucky (but it’s also harder) a big loner. UNless you know they’re stroll and you’ll wait for them on their way, because Tarpon are always using the same waterways. All you have to be is patient. But you know “patience” you’ve got that inside you. and patient you will  be. There, waiting at the bow of the boat, beaten by the sun, you’re able to stay for hours because you know that the reward is priceless! Then you see them, dark shadows heading to you, their shape broken by the waves like a mindcraft picture. You cast, to the right or the left of the pack, the Tarpon has to see your fly coming from the side. You strip again, one has seen it, it leaves the pack, goes to your fly, gets it, low rod, you strike ! Set the hook, strongly, let the Tarpon go and set again, that hook has got to get in! And put your rod down when it jumps. set the hook again, be sure you don’t let that one go! Whoever has had a calf on a lasso, knows that feeling. It’s bliss, even if it tough, and the fear to loose that ifsh adds pleasure to it! That’s why I love Tarpon on the flats. That film rocks and it’s only the teaser. We cannot wait!


Tarpon Teaser from Colin Philips on Vimeo.


And for the ones who tell themselves “what’s that song?” Here’s Walk on by by Isaac Hayes in Monterux Jazz Festival.