Meet Derek Martin who chose to live by the Miramichi, to fly fish, raise his kids live happily with his wife and catch massive salmon.

When a guy dedicates his life to fly fishing, it brings joy to our hearts, it brings joy to everyone, sorry this film has no subtitles but all you need to know, afterall is that Derek made a choice that fills him with happiness. another beauty film from Hooké.

Native of New Brunswick, Derek has been a true fly fishing enthusiast since he was very young. The Miramichi River is the heart of his passion and plays an important role in his life since he decided to settle there. Father, entrepreneur, and nature enthusiast, Derek brought everything that was important to him to one place, the Wolfpeak Lodge. He can day after day take advantage of all that is important for him.

“In my heart it is Atlantic salmon. That’s why I’m here and I built the Wolfpeak Lodge “- Derek Martin.

People we met – Derek Martin from HOOKÉ on Vimeo.