Tjuonajokk, on river Kaitum, in the middle of nothing, thousands of Grayling, voracious Pike and lac Trout. Heaven.

There some trips you never forget, that year I went to Tjuonajok with my friend Anthony from Planet Fly Fishing. He had mentioned Heaven to me and he was right! Hundreds of Grayling, we didn’t know where to cast, they were so many, should we go before the rapids? After the rapids? It was almost always the same the same, fish was so numerous it was ridiculous. We were so lost, the days were endless, the only way to know what time it is was our stomah, and for food, guess what? A Grayling (or two) on the grill, on one of those many grills by the river. When we had enough of Grayling, we would change rods and go for Pike, and when we had enough of Pike, we would go fishing the lakes which are not really lakes but the river getting wider, and cast for massive trout. Heaven I tell you, it was heaven! ANd than, at night, well they sy it is night but it’s daytime all night long! We go to the sauna, a sauna with a window from which you can see the fish rising! Heaven, it is.

Tjuonajokk – The Lodge Up North from Bogdan Teodorescu on Vimeo.