A Man and his River

Salmonology is an ode to committment, to the deep love of a man, Matthías Þór Hákonarson, for the Mýrarkvísl River and its salmons.That where he spends his days, for his company, the Iceland Fishing Guide.

And of course, such committment goes with the fact that the river is private, and that it’s hard to get to fish it. Because, and it hurts to admit it, it seems that man only really cares for its own, and when you open wide the gates of Nature you sentence it to be loved to death by the numbers.
If we don’t want that to be the only solution, we’ll have to learn to be really gentle with our rivers. To leave nothing behind, not even a cigarette butt, not even a piece of tippet. To touch nothing if it’ not necessary, not even the rocks. To love our rivers on the tip of our toes…

Salmonology – Conservation of a Salmon River from BrothersOnTheFly on Vimeo.