A cabin by a lake in Alaska, it sounds normal, but the adventure behind it is more than what you’d expected. An adventure supposed to be only a year long and lasted a whole life. Pure adventure, and if you ‘ve never heard of Dick Proenneke, it’s time for you to watch that film.

At first, I wrote this post in 2011, at the time I had discovered the amazing adventures of Dick Proenneke, scouting the web. I had found a commitment, a passion, that I had not often seen or heard of, a courage we often lack of to make decisions that might change our lives for the better. I was fascinated. SOmetimes we feel the life we have is not the one we should have and the dream we should follow is slipping away and that we need strentgh and faith to be able to overcome the inner difficulties that block us to go ahead.  Here’s Dick Proenneke‘s story, at the age of 51, he decided to leave everything behind to go spend a year in a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness.

At the time the film was only available on PPV or you could buy it if you wanted to watch it, sometimes a difficult step to take. Today, you’re lucky, I found the film on Youtube, you can watch it full screen and dive in this amazing adventure, the end is amazing. It opens new doors and the film itself will take you away from reality. Enjoy, and do’nt forget, watch it on a bg screen!