When I’m by the water I have a tendency to bring a lot of things. Fly fishing gear, spare clothes, camera, you name it! At that point, bags matter!

One year ago I was offered to test the Infladry Combo: a 5 liters waispack entirely waterproof and a 25 liters backpack also waterproof. What cought my attention was the fully waterproofness with zipper! When you have 2000$ photo gear yo watn it to stay dry! Wether it’s raining or worst scenario  immersion!


When I received the gear I instantly felt the seriousness of the bags, they feel tough, there is no way around that! But the first drawback was the zippers, they are hard to close. But the bags are sold with a tube of silicone grease that makes suddenly everything smooth and easy! After using the bags for almost a year, if you use them a lot, you want to grease those zippers every couple of months. Those zippers are really something else, and even using the bags by the sea (sailing and fishing) they are still like new!

In fishing conditions those bags are very comfotable! The waistpack allows to stash a few flyboxes as well as essential small gear, it’s light and well balanced, it’s tough too. Made out of nylon/TPU, you can wade with it as much as you want, even underwater, everything stays dry inside (if you close properly the zipper). It’s a plus not to think about your gear getting wet when you’re fihsing.

For the backpack, even fully loaded it’ll still be comfortable thanks to the comfortable and padded straps, a must! Having tested many bags, Infladry 25 is really one of its kind? The part that touches your back is very comforatable with big foam pads which also aloud the back not to be glued to your back. When fishing I stash many things in it: a camera, two lenses, a rain jacket, sandwishes and a water bottle. Everything fits perfectly and if you greased the zipper correctly, you’ll an easy access.


I had the privilege to field test the backpack last year. I was carrying my camera with two lenses, walking up and down the river Scorff in Brittany, searching for a big brown. Whoever has fished the Scorff river knows how hard it is to get around sometimes, and on a difficult part, my foot slipped and I fell in a pool, backwards! At that point the camera was well underwater in the bag, I checked it once I was back to the shore, everything was dry, not a drop of watergot in the bag! HPA saved my working tool that day.

Now, the little details that make all the difference with the other waterproof bags on the market, first of all the price, which is very reasonnable looking at the quality of the gear we  have here. Than : INFLADRY, why tht name, just because there is a valve that allows you to inflate your bag and use it as a floating devince, a buoy that will float or (as we use it) a pillow to rest your head on (if you use it like that, don’t put too much air, it’ll be more comfortable). Than on the backpack as well as on the hip pack there are those Molley attachments you can use to add whatever you want and that makes a whole difference (HPA is specialized in Army and Special Forces bags), with the backpack several Velcro straps are included which allow you to carry a rod, a raincoat or whatever you want! This is without mentionning the inside pocket of the bagpack that allows you to carry a laptop! But if you are paranoid or if you are not sure to close perfectly the zipper, there HPA makes a serie of waterproof pouches (Orgadryzer) in which you’ll stash everyting you really want to be sure will never get in contact with water, a phone, cigars, underwear, laptop or whatever you want!


Coming in four colours, those two bags make a perfect combo, perfectly waterproof and comfortable. Absolutly tough they’ll be your partners in any kind of adventures (sailing, fising, beach, skiing…). The waistpack is around 70$ as for the back pack it’s 175$. Regarding the quality and the lightness of the bags, it’s a very good price and that is what also cought my attention.

You’ll find all the infos on the HPA website.Vous pouvez retrouver toutes les informations concernant ces sacs sur le site de HPA :

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