Hours are ticking but they seem to be in slow motion, clouds are crossing the skies, but every day look alike, at the same time nature is blooming and soon Spring will be here.

This film is a rare beauty, like a Billy Holiday’s song, full of hope and so sad at the same time. It’s are rare beauty and at the time so simple, the beauty of the spring days where shadows are shadows are getting longer and longer, where you can fly fish with fat Mayflies and appetizing Panana flies, when you can skate big caddis that are gulped loudly by trout high on insects! Yes, those days you are longing for will come. One day you’ll be tying those yellow mayflies at the tip of your line, under the shade of a tree while birds are singing, Spring will be here. One day you’ll be out of quarantine, things wont ever be the same but one is for sure, everything will bloom again.

In the meantime, to daydream of those May days, those Junes ones when the air smells of hay, here’s that beautiful film from  Carpe Diem : Spring is coming. In the meantime, stay home, please.