If you ever come to Southern France and you are bored (I’m talking about the REAL Southern France, not that shitty, turisty, crappy, fake Côte d’Azur) come to Camargue, Cévennes, you’ll have bull fights, village parties, beach toasting and Pastis hours,but you’ll also have Carp fishing!

Come to the Real South, the one that is moxie, the one that has balls and real people, forget about Côte d’Azur, it’s the retirement home for all of Europe and it’s expensive and boring. Come to Montpellier! You can go fishing in the Gardon river, you can go fishing in the Camargue canals, you’ll find plenty of Carp and larg mouth Bass and you can even go fishing for trout in the Cevennes or in the Gorges du Tarn! But let say you want to stick to Montpellier, you better start tying bread flies, river Lez’s Carp are waiting for you! Enjoy your sunday film!