We all know Punta Allen being Permit’s Paradise, but the truth is there are so many other species to catch. Here, check how many Snook are caught. And there would probably be none without the guide, Juan, El Famoso Juanito!

We’ve been to Punta Allen a lot of times, we’ve even shot a film in Punta Allen for Season’s tv (French cable tv for anglers and hunters) but we’ve always been to the same lodge: Punta Allen Fishing Lodge, and there is a reason for that: the main guide Juan, he’s a genius, he is haunted by fish, he spots fish when nobody sees one, he knows where they are, he was probably a fish in a  previous life. He loves them so much, fishing with Juan is something so special that it is the reason we send people to fish with him. I’ve been saltwater fishing a lot and Juanito is definatly one of the best guides I’ve ever fished with, if not the best! The other thing is their Lodge it’s runned by Pascale, who’s French (amazing food) and Tizziano, who’s an italian fishing guide. Staying with them is more than fly fishing, it’s bliss! Check that video,  keep in mind it was before confinement.

Snook Fest at Ascencion Bay from Renald Bourque