Ha, you don’t know what to do, your head doesn”t have enough imagination for when this is over, you’re done tying flies, you want something else but Netflix and Le Mouching? Lucky you, we have something in stock for you!

So for the nice warm summer days to come, we thought that having a belly boat and going to a lake was fun, but, the truth is : you’ve been alone for too long! So here’s Le Mouching selection of floating devices you could use a a belly boat and bring your friends along!


Giant Peacock! Might as well show off a little while you’re on the water! Bring 5 friends and have fun!Capture d’écran 2020-04-13 à 18.30.02

Otherwise you can always ride a Giant Unicorn! unicorn

And if the Unicorn is not enough, what about this enormous Pink Flamingobig flamingo

But if you’re the sporty kind, here’s to impress everyone, even if it’s smaller than the previous floating devices, (they all fit 6) here’s the Rodeo bull!rodeo

We all know, being at sea or on a lake makes you starve! so let’s go on a Giant Pizza! And you can have more friends since this thing is for 8 people, but you can also choose to be on you own slice!pizza 1pizza fullNow don’t you come tell us we do’nt take care about you!