Will we be able to go this summer? Is the confinement going to keep us away from that amazing region? Right now, we have plenty of questions and very few answers. But Swedish Lapland is really one of a kind!

The days go by and they are all different, some voices tell us we can go out, others we have to stay home, some are saying confinement is goind to be over very soon, others it might be going on for awhile. We don’t know, all we know is that we actually have to stay home in order to stop the progression of the virus. In the meantime nature is happy as it can be! Fish are not seing a single angler, and maybe it will be like that for this year. But if things change, Sweden will be waiting for us, and Swedish Lapland is home of many fish, Grayling, Trout, Pike, Salmon, there is some for everyone. Oh, I forgot, mosquitoes too.

Here’s the Fly Fishers blues