While our buddy Baptiste is preparing his trip to Greenland, we suggest you discover Iceland, his little sister, thanks to an “old” Mouching supporter.

Ah Iceland…, the name alone makes me dream. A green landscape, where the sheep graze the grass of the pastures, huge rivers, full of water (which is becoming rare nowadays in our country) and of course very big trouts. But Iceland is also rain and mosquitoes. However, this didn’t stop Vincent, aka Vince, from going there in search of these famous farios. A trip that takes us to the North and to a “big” lake. And it is true that the salmonids are really big, even very big. I also notice that the fishing trips are all the same: we fish and we eat. At the same time, that’s life, you might say. Vince was very nice because he thought of us and brought back a lot of pictures, which he compiled and made into a movie. Something to keep your weekend busy.

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Big Brownies in Iceland ! from Vince on Vimeo.