Lurk NYC

We love skateboard, we love New York, we love good music, all of this makes this film good enough to be on Le Mouching! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did. Anyway there’s nothing to do with this shi**y weathern and that old 90′s video look is a must!

music is : “Heaven & Hell” by Chef Raekwon

Sunday jazz, radio RTU

SUNDAY JAM RTUDuring winter, days are short and often the mood is mellow, when its dark in the early evening I like to have some black tea, I mean really black and I play a few records, loud, or I listen to the best mixtapes I can find. This sunday I decided to share something whith you, a gem one of the best jazz mixtapes I’ve heard in a while, of course you have to enjoy Jazz to like it too, but not sure you need to, it’s so good, just play it. It’s the Sunday Jam show from Radio RTU, Lyon. It comes with all sort of gems from Lee Morgan to Billie Holiday with much modern things suchas Yusef Lateef or Sun Ra, give it a go, it’s worth it. HERE and don’t ever forget if you want to downoload it , THIS is your friend !

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Dead Shrimp Blues

Even fly fishermen get the blues!  Great idea to use Robert Johnson’s song “Dead shrimp blues” on a fly fishing film! We love it, we also love the shots from the kayak onto the guy’s shorts…. Nice snook too!


Blundetto & Don Camillo New Year 2015We wanted to pull out a mixtape for New Years celebration, but honestly we had a hard time being joyfull with all what’s happening around us, than we received our friend Blundetto and Don Camilo‘s greetings card and we starteed dancing in the office! So we decided to share with you, because this mixtape broutght joy and happiness and that’s what we need today! Peace. (if you want to download… don’t forget THIS is your friend.)

PARIS DJ, Massive Hits From The Grant Phabao Factory

You like the sounds we love? You love to be able to download Paris DJ mixtapes as soon as they are available? Maybe you want to support our friends from Paris DJ on their new project, “PARIS DJ, Massive Hits From The Grant Phabao Factory”   we think you should, we do. Click on pix to listen.Paris DJ Grant Phabao Massive Hits


When I was a kid my elder brothers and sisters had parties and Iwould stare at them while they were dancing like crazies, I was a little kid, but I was already a music fan, I remember very well the fascination I had for one record I would play all the time as soon as I had my hands on the turntable, and album that was bringing together, rythm and blues, the louisiana sound from New Orleans and the rage of that guy, this british singer from Sheffield whom I saw dancing like no one on films way before the music videos. This record was Joe Cocker, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, it was the early 70′s and we all danced on it, the band was one of a kind, Leon Russell got it together, Don RPeston, Rita Coolidge, two horns section that would made this album sound like nothing else, it was recorded live at the Filmore East in 1970. I saw Joe Coker several times throughout Europe in various music festivals, he happened to be my sister’s neighbor in Santa Barbara, he was a kind person, although if for a period he became a “pop” artist rather than a rythm and Blues singer, what he really is. What could we listen to today but Cry Me a River. Thank you for all those years of fun and music!

We’ve all got the Honky Tonk Blues


Fly fishing and music, maybe the best match, follow the recording  from Cousin Joe Two Shacks second album  , playing songs and fishing at the same time. What a better life and best inspiration to be in the woods, in a cabin by the river, between friends, and night fly fishing is a whole adventure! It takes a little while to load, but once it’s done, enjoy a nice film!


Water games from Ravel by Martha Argerich, on a fly fishing film dedicated to nature! That’s a change from drum/bass, hip hop, country, trip hop music that are always sticked to our favorite fishing films. If you really like Ravel, I recommend from pianist Hélène Grimaud, the amazing Adagio assai from Concerto in G Major. It might bring tears to your eyes it is so beautiful.