Johnny Cash, the fishing dude

I have always loved Johnny Cash. Since the day when a friend of mine gave me his player in a bus on the way to Irish western part, just saying you got to know Cash dude. Then song after song I discovered Cash loved rivers and fishing, Big River is one of my favorite for sure and the tears that I cried for that woman gonna flood you Big River and I’m gonna sit right here until I die. It makes me shiver, really. I imagine a huge and mighty river… and him on the bank with a fishing rod, waiting for his troubles to be flushed.

Here are couple pictures of Cash fishing. Just want to share a day out with him, talking about music and fish, love and rivers.

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Narcos Mix

NArcos mixIf you haven’t seen Narcos yet you’re missing something, it’s probably the best reason to suscribe to Netflix, an amazing series written by Chris Brancato, the life of Pablo Escobar (played by the charismatic Wagner Moura ) and the Medelin Cartel. You can imagine that the soundtrack will be tropical and it is! but instead of giving you the tracks just like that, enjoy this mixtape NARCOS MIX by Lobito Brigante: Noarcos Mix, it’s been playing at the office nonstop for the past weeks! Enjoy. As usual, you listen to the mixtape HERE and you paste the address of the same mixtape THERE to download it, EZPZ.

Jah Loves you

selecta JazzcatIndian summer, the last time when you can dance in the sun or jsut be outside enjoying it, unless you are in the tropics, than you can dance to the end of the rain season! So for all of you out there, here’s what I’m sharing with you a mixtape from the notorious Jazzcat, the perfect sound I’ll be listening driving south to the Pyrenees where Le Mouching is going to shoot some pictures before the season is over! C’mon play mi selecta! And to download, paste the address there!

Blundetto: Jamaica Sweetness

Jamaican sweetness BlundettoSweet as warm autumn days, here’s from our friend Blundetto an awesome mixtape to play  at home, weither you’r planning your next fishing trip, tying flies or having friends over. This is heaven, it’s honey, bliss, we love it. Just go to Jamaica Sweetness  to listen to it and use the download button to have it with you all the time.

Play it loud.

Bermuda Triangle Dub

Bremuda Triangle dubJah loves Le Mouching, so do you and I’m sure you love Dub! So here’s Bermuda Triangle Dub for you from Codex of Plant Responses aka Axel de Ponbriand more than an hour of sylish dub, enough to make you forget fall is around the corner and that pretty soon we’ll be staying home. So here’s our recomandation, download it and play it when ever you feel like, if it’s hot and warm it’ll be bombastic, if it’s cold and rainy, it’ll bring sun to your heart! So whatever you do, driving, fly tying, working, having a nap, with friends or alone, this mixtape Bermuda Triangle is dope (mainly the first part)! Listen HERE and use THIS to download. Peace.

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Rodrigo Amarante, Irene

When it comes to music, we usualy share a whole mixtape with you, and if you like it you can download it easily, most of the times it’s music to dance to or a perfect background music to do the things you love. This time it’s a little different. I’m sharing  my feelings with you, I’m back in Paris and I hate it. I’d rather be by the sea or close the a river, filled with trouts. So, here’s for your hears and your soul, because I’ve learn that in life, when you share your sorrows, they vanish. Rodrigo Amarante’s Irene is the perfect song, just for today.

This Is Fly #53

What’s best affter you had your summer holiday but to dive again in what is the crème de la crème of LE fly fishing? Yes! You got it right! This Is Fly, #53! The latest issue, how don’t know how to call it, The Fall Issue? The Summer’s end issue? Yes, I think the Summer’s end issue suites it really well, ther is still some fishing to do and fall isn( here yet! Anyway call it what you want, I’m reading it!

TIF #53

Jazzcat Summer Sunset Mix

Summer Sunset mix by JazzcatWether you’re driving up to the river or that you’re home tying flies or even outside with your friends having a drink at sunset ,this is the mixtape you wnat to download and play loud, it’s all about summe feelings, joy and happiness! From cumbia to beats, from reggae to downtempo, you won’t resist, it’s the ultimate mix to hold on to  the summer a little longer! Here’s Jazzcat Summer Sunset mix, you will need this page to download it!

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