Fly fishing and music, maybe the best match, follow the recording  from Cousin Joe Two Shacks second album  , playing songs and fishing at the same time. What a better life and best inspiration to be in the woods, in a cabin by the river, between friends, and night fly fishing is a whole adventure! It takes a little while to load, but once it’s done, enjoy a nice film!


Water games from Ravel by Martha Argerich, on a fly fishing film dedicated to nature! That’s a change from drum/bass, hip hop, country, trip hop music that are always sticked to our favorite fishing films. If you really like Ravel, I recommend from pianist Hélène Grimaud, the amazing Adagio assai from Concerto in G Major. It might bring tears to your eyes it is so beautiful.


Flume MixtapeHere’s a Xmas present for you guys! The Mixtape, by famouse Australian DJ Flume. Play it loud, dance to it, it’s the perfect soundtrack to your parties, some of you might even use some excerpts for their forcoming fly fishing films. This is rad! If you want to download it, Sounddrain is your friend.


Roger Riddle Atomic Number 79There it is, for all of us living in the northern hemisphere, cold comes in and what a better excuse could we find to stay home at the vise, tying up flies for next season or, if you are a lamer like me, reading books on the couch sipping tea black as coal, waiting for the snow to come down and getting ready to stay all winter in the den by the fire! Whatever you do here’s a good mixtape to listen to Atomic Number 79 par Roger Riddle so the time will fly by! When are we going to cast our flies again?

This is your downloading friend

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MANITAS de PLATA 1921-2014

Camargue chez les Guillermes

As a kid, there was not a single without listening to Manitas de Plata. When we were leaving the “Mas de Fourques” to go visit les Guillermes in Gaillargues, by the car window I would look at the trees, then the rice filds, then the meadows with the horses and the bulls, in my head Manitas guitar was playing as a magical soudtrack. Arriving at the Manade (french word for ranch) we would meet the ones from Arles or from Nîmes, the party could start, there was always some bullfights, a barbecue and guitars at the table, and evrybody would dance, stry to sing a little. As kids we were fascinated, the gypsies from Arles would always come along, The Reyes family and sometimes they would bring along Manitas de Plata ! All the women were in love with him, he would play and everyone would try to dance for him. I remenber my mother was not impressed by the fact that he had played for Brigitte Bardot, she  was on ly an actress after all, nor that he played for Dali, who was her friend of her, no, she was impressed by the way he was, the way he played and how everyone was ander his spell. It was for us, the kids, such magical moments, no one was looking after us, we could be with the adults and laugh and dance and be free. But there was a magical thing, wthis music would make us happy and we all wanted to play like Manitas to seduce the girls and be a heroe. SO today when I hear gypsy guitar (we’re not talking about flamenco) I fell like a kid again, and I remenber those days when we dressed up as g gardians (local cowboys) and tried to be clever to have the girls looking at us. This is what I remeber tonight, Manitas, and I would like to thank you for all that, because the first music I ever listened to, was yours.


Here’s a film that is going to lift everyone’s spirits! Of course the old coots will swoon because it’s not only about fly fishing, but it also includes skateboard! But what a fishing and what a skatebording! Those guys they go up the Sierra, hike for hours to that remote lake, a bunch of friends, the kind of bunch we like, carefree and yet determined! They hike up to that remote lake and its trout, but not ony, They also find a skatepark, THE skatepark ? I’ll let you watch and discover.  This film is cool as the air you breath in the mountains, the water you drink from the stream, and with  Old Crow Medecine ShowWagon Wheel as a soundtrack,  it’s going to lift you up! 


A film that goes by at the rythm of the river with Gov’t Mule ‘s Sunshine as a soundtrack.  A film that smells pick up trucks, coffee and countryside. That’s what we have found to help you get to November, a simple film with no exciting editing, just pure long shots, time that goes by at a natural pace, like us. It is what we like, things that take sometimes.


Bonefish soundtrackWhen the sun is really hot, when you slide slowly on the surface of the water at the pace of the pole, when you see the image of your boat dancing slowly on the water like in a miror, when your are focusing to try to spot the nervous waters, or th elittle black fins that would tell you “they are there” ! Up ther, in your head it’s a party, the sounds are playing an amazing soundtrack, the noise of the boat sliding on the water, the birds, the pole , your heartbeat… all of them breaking the silence of the flats. And all of that leads to the long talks at the bar, drinking rhum with anyone who’e ready to listen to your story, the story of the big one you just missed… Well, for that part of the trip we have, thanks to Sofrito, the best soundtrack, and even if you’re not in the tropics, play it loud, tropics will come to you! You can listen to this killer reggae mixtape HERE and if you want to download it, you will love to use THAT!SOFRITO


1.Correction Trian by Creary Johnson
3.Give Rasta Glory by Cedric Im Brooks
4.Double Trouble by Jackie Mittoo
6.What More Can I Say by Clive & Doreen
8.Strange Things by John Holt