This Is Fly 51

What’s happening, it’s season’s opening everyone is by the water or getting its gear ready and here comes down a load of magazines to read… Where are we going to find some time to go through them all! The latest and maybe one of the best regarding layout and image quality: This Is  Fly! Issue 51 is filled with treasures! It’ll be a shame not to read it, so read it!This Is Fly 51

Mountain lake

You’v got to do what you’ve got to do! Are you ready to do a little hike to catch a fish? Are you ready to embrace the beauty of the Rockies in Alberta? This film summs up all the passion we can have when we are fishing, beyond bad weather, beyond tireness…to any length, for that fish! Are your legs OK? Jay Jones aka The Humblefisherman is taking you up there, to that lake up in the moutains, get ready to hike! What I really like about all of Jay Jones films is the music, this time it’s Robin Jackson “Its that time of night again”

The Dirty South

Any film with Gramatik Soundtrack is automaticaly a great film, but this, one…is just more than great, it’s awesome! All the southern fishing is there, you can feel the heat, you can feel the air, you can feel the fish, the picture is great, the editing perfect and the soundtrack.. the Gramatik we’ve never get enough of it!

Music: Gramatik, In the hood.

Blues & Hot

I'll take care of youIt’s hot, baby, so hot, we’re out in the yard, the night is so thick you could grab the air with your bear hands, we’re dancing, you and me, under the stars, nothing matters, we had such a lovely day fishing, even if what we listen to is heart breaking blues, we don’t care we’re so happy! Listen to that thing! it’s hot juice for your soul, you’ll want to pour yourself a drink, smoke a cigar and let the hot night go by, ” I’ll Take Care Of You” it’s a southern mixtape by Codex of Plant Responses aka Axel de Pontbriand!  And to download it, paste the address HERE. Lightnin Hopkins, Louisiana Red, B.B. King, Jimmy Witherspoon, Otis Spann and others are going to dance the night away with you! I just have to say this mixtape is awesome! Peace.

Seatrout Memories

An atmospheric piece, with this kaleidoscopic quality of the memories we cherish, where moments rearrange along lines that come from our hearts and not chronology. The piano is a perfect counterpoint for the images, exploration of a theme, obsessive, meditative, just like when we revive those images we bring back from the shores.

Lole Montoya y La Negra

A real moment of Andalousian magic, feeling a slow chiver along your back, a sudden goose pimple ! Come and join, we are in 1972, take a seat, you are invited at the Montoya’s, the famous family of singers and dancers from Sevilla. There, sitting at the table, is Lole, she just turned 18, next to her is her mother La Negra, one of the biggest flamenco singer, originaly from Oran, Algeria. La Negra starts a song, everyone is sitting around her. The men, as usual are quiet. Playing guitar, the fantastic El De La Malena. Kids and women are doing “las palmas”. The two women are sitting down and answering in song to each other, then La Negra opens the way for Lole. The singing stops. Only the guitar settles a moment of quietness before the storm. The storm, Lole, to show respect to Eduardo, sings back, stands up. Nothing exists anymore all eyes are on her, her teenage look, she starts dancing, it’s wonderful, and that chiver I mentioned earlier, is here again going up along your back, to the back of your head ! Thats the soul of flamenco ! In the meantime, trouts and salmons from Asturias are waiting for your flies, spring is near, life is great. 

Everybody is Somebody

For all the ones that didn’t go fishing today, either because they are too busy looking for easter bunnies or because the weaher doesn’t allow it, here’s our little Easter gift, since we all need each others in order to go forward in an ever better life! The music might not be the one that everyone likes, but it’s lively, sets you in a goood mood and the music video is really worth watching! For today, we wish you all an happy sunday filled with love and compassion, leading to a season filled with fish!

Chateau Marmont : Everybody is Somebody, graphics by Marion Dupas.

Spring mixtape

Lefto #617End of March, begining of April, we don’t really now where to stand, what is it going to be, a rainy day? A sunny afternoon? Are we going to go fishing, are we staying home? Is it sunny or is this snowflakes coming down? Early spring is always uncertain, that’s why we have decided to share this mixtape with you, you can listen to it in the morning, sun or rain or in the evening no matter what you have been doing. This mixtape from LefTo mixes Jazz, hip hop, electro, house, the perfect sound for all a generation of flyfishers, with open mindedness. Listen THERE and if you want to download, use THIS.

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