Spring mixtape

Lefto #617End of March, begining of April, we don’t really now where to stand, what is it going to be, a rainy day? A sunny afternoon? Are we going to go fishing, are we staying home? Is it sunny or is this snowflakes coming down? Early spring is always uncertain, that’s why we have decided to share this mixtape with you, you can listen to it in the morning, sun or rain or in the evening no matter what you have been doing. This mixtape from LefTo mixes Jazz, hip hop, electro, house, the perfect sound for all a generation of flyfishers, with open mindedness. Listen THERE and if you want to download, use THIS.

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Broken hearted

Despair, sadness and heart breaking, the trout that you miss is always tearing you apart, but it’ll be the one you’ll always remember. New Zealand with André Pedersen. It’s melancholic and beautiful at the same time.

Saturday night heat

The Mouching headquarters are deep in the shadows of tonight’s Earth hour(s). There’s no better setting to turn up the heat, pump some volume in Cyril’s mighty BWs and unleash the Chinese Man, paying due respect to the Shaw Brothers and the unbelievable soundtracks of 70s Hong-Kong action movies, doing the Asian thing to Morricone’s funky Italian vision of American western’s Epicness. It’s called Sho-Bro. Convoluted? Maybe. But it does sound.

Then there’s the anime… did someone say Tarantino?

Chocolate Jesus

jesus-f-startEaster is coming faster than we think and our master of ceremony the venerable James Stewart from Palmwine Records, comes with a mixtape that is going to make all the easter bunnies want to dance like crazies! Hey hold on, its a cool mixtape, the kind you can listen to with all the lights off and dancing with your girlfriend, it’s hot! SOme say that listening to that mixtape makes you catch more fish! As usual to listen to Chocolate Jesus, it’s THAT WAY  and if you want to download it (higly recommanded) go THIS WAY! Ok I let you work this out, I’m climbing back on my desk to dance!


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Misty…Berliner Jazztage 1969

A tear, just a tear goind down, there, where the eyes wrinlke. A tear that goes slowly down as a hand woudl carress, brushing the nose, warm and solitary, she roles down following a natural path. Tight, the throat is tight and hardly let the air breath, the chest compresses a sigh so it doesnt come to trouble the song. The back starts to chiver, a chiver that goes up the spine, than the neck where it will go to the eyes,that shivering feeling and than releases another tear that will follow the same path as the previous one.

The ear glued to an old radio, so nobody else could hear it, Petra is listening to the radio show from Sarah Vaughan at Berliner Jazztage on Voice of America, dreaming of freedom, wishing she could be over the wall, among all the others, over the barbed wires, dogs and patrols, and that the only spotlights would be the ones lightening the stage. But the wall is dividing the world in two inequal parts.

That very same night, in Rome, in a screening room at Cinecitta, Luciano Visconti was showing for the first time ever “The Damned” and Dirk Bogart and Helmut Berger would cry too.

Meanwhile, Denis Hopper and Peter Fonda are having a laugh at the slap they gave the world with Easy Rider.

1969, what a year. What ever happened to Petra, the young German?

Here’s for all the ones who didn’t go fishing, the whole concert.