Blues Boy King

He gave us so much, for so many of us, even if you don’t know it, there is so much of him in all the music we listen to, from heart breaking blues, to boogie woogie, jazz, funk and soul, always elegant, always giving the best you could. Thank you mister King for all you gave us. You will probably see a lot of films in the days to come, but this one, shot in New Mexico for the Medicine Man Caravan in 70 is one of a kind. Thanks again Blues Boy. We share a tear.

How Blue Can You Get / Just a Little Love

Honey for your ears

LeFto Honey for your earsIt starts lively with Mocky’s new hit “Tomorrow Maker” and than it takes you in an half asleep mood, a prefect mitape going from cool jazz fusion to deep soul, at hip hop and modern funk, this mixtape from LeFto is like honey to your ears, the kind of soundtrack that you can listen while tying up your flies or your girlfriend if you’re feeling naughty. But it’s also ideal to have nap in between to palm trees, lively enough not to fall asleep. It’s night time? Turn down the light and dance, it hot! Darn hot! And to download, don’t forget to go THERE.

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Jazz and Fly Fishing are getting better and better at this game: mixing the fly with jazz and literature, storytelling, video narrative. Everything bathed in beauty, with a keen sense of humour (the scandinavian kind). And what a better story to tell than one of endless winter boredom and summer frenzy, exploration, a chance meeting and obsession, obsession, obsession… An obsession called Janne.

A great vintage again, thank you buddies!


remy-kolpa-kopoulWhen I was working with Radio Nova in the early nineties, there was one person who was teaching me everyday some new sounds, mainly from Brazil that he loved, but also from all around as long as they had a “je ne sais quoi”, Remy Kolpa Kopoul aka RKK was his name, he’s gone Sunday, peacefully, he was one of a kind, world music owes him so much, but he didn’t care, he was humble. All he taught me during those years, we try to apply it everyday at Le Mouching, his motto could have been “always dig for the jewel you might discover, and share it with others”, Remy was a hell of a DJ. Thanks Remy, let me call you “Tonton” for the last time. Cyril

I thought he would have loved to have us all dancing to his memory, so let me share with you the latest mixtape from another amazing DJ, Mr James Stewart. “Who Knows Tomorrow”! To listen, click here. and to download, click THERE !

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This Is Fly 51

What’s happening, it’s season’s opening everyone is by the water or getting its gear ready and here comes down a load of magazines to read… Where are we going to find some time to go through them all! The latest and maybe one of the best regarding layout and image quality: This Is  Fly! Issue 51 is filled with treasures! It’ll be a shame not to read it, so read it!This Is Fly 51

Mountain lake

You’v got to do what you’ve got to do! Are you ready to do a little hike to catch a fish? Are you ready to embrace the beauty of the Rockies in Alberta? This film summs up all the passion we can have when we are fishing, beyond bad weather, beyond tireness…to any length, for that fish! Are your legs OK? Jay Jones aka The Humblefisherman is taking you up there, to that lake up in the moutains, get ready to hike! What I really like about all of Jay Jones films is the music, this time it’s Robin Jackson “Its that time of night again”

The Dirty South

Any film with Gramatik Soundtrack is automaticaly a great film, but this, one…is just more than great, it’s awesome! All the southern fishing is there, you can feel the heat, you can feel the air, you can feel the fish, the picture is great, the editing perfect and the soundtrack.. the Gramatik we’ve never get enough of it!

Music: Gramatik, In the hood.

Blues & Hot

I'll take care of youIt’s hot, baby, so hot, we’re out in the yard, the night is so thick you could grab the air with your bear hands, we’re dancing, you and me, under the stars, nothing matters, we had such a lovely day fishing, even if what we listen to is heart breaking blues, we don’t care we’re so happy! Listen to that thing! it’s hot juice for your soul, you’ll want to pour yourself a drink, smoke a cigar and let the hot night go by, ” I’ll Take Care Of You” it’s a southern mixtape by Codex of Plant Responses aka Axel de Pontbriand!  And to download it, paste the address HERE. Lightnin Hopkins, Louisiana Red, B.B. King, Jimmy Witherspoon, Otis Spann and others are going to dance the night away with you! I just have to say this mixtape is awesome! Peace.