Here’s a treat from our friend Juuso Syrjä. A short piece about the birth of one of those reels we lesser mortals dream about, and some lucky guys actually get to touch, toy with and even fish. This is reel porn, people. You’ve been warned. Le Mouching declines responsibility for what happens to you while watching this.


Let’s start the series with the golden ears and pen of our buddy Simon Lamothe who found this gem for us…

That night, driving through that city I didn’t know, the wipers swinging over the windshield, lights passing me by on the side of the road. I was deep in thoughts. I was thinking that that trip was already a lost cause, that Terry’s plan wasn’t very good but that we needed to do something, for sure, but what? We couldn’t let things get out of hand. I knew I had to go meet him and find a solution to our troubles. How many miles left to drive? Damn, I needed gas… Would he even wait for me before getting on with his plan? Whatever happened, I knew there would be trouble. I decided to turn the radio on. And then that guitar started to scream and moan, filling my long black Lincoln with its tune and making me shifting gears up. The city lights kept on passing me by on the side of the road.


How many times was it in one of my mixtapes…. way before iPods and mp3, when we used to stick songs on a cassette, one after the other, just because there was no other way to hit the road or listen to great sound in the cabin… Hopeton Lewis, father of the Rocksteady. Thank you for all the joy that came from your songs, they did cheer us up quite a bit,  as my english fly fishng friends would say. Take your time, the best motto ever!


Analog-Africa-Mix-For-PARIS-DJs-VOL-5It’s hot, so hot, you cannot help sweating and looking for a cool spot under the fan, the ice cold beers you’re drinking cannot beat that heat. Tomorrow you’re going to try the catch the fish of a lifetime. In the meatime, you’re in the club called New York in Cotonou, Benin, crossroad of all the best west african musics, the rythm is taking you to the dancefloor, will you still be able to go fishing tomrrow? It doesn’t matter, nothing matters, you’re happy, it’s hot and you’re happy! Right click to DOWNLOAD

From Paris Dj, with LOVE: 

Analog Africa Selection Vol.5 by Déni Shain & Samy Ben Redjeb

 Tracklisting : Read more…


Paris DJs Soundsystem Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol 2When it’s hot, so hot there’s nothing you can do but go out at night, here’s a good mixtape to download to dance for over an hour!  Paris DJs Soundsystem Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol 2 Make some space, get the friends over, bring the drinks and dance the night away! Right Click there–>Download


Here’s the last episode of Gapsé Adventures from our cousins from Québec, the famouse Hooké tribe !

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We had just lived the two most incredible salmon fishing days ever on the Dartmouth River. At one point, it was pretty normal to have luck’s pendulum swinging the other way. The swing back came slowly toward our faces during our next three days on the Saint-Jean and York rivers. The salmons had decided to stay quiet and despite catching a few sea trout caught here and there, we felt we had to move on. We took the night to tie some flies and headed for Barachois, near Gaspé, to try and catch a couple striped bass.

Musique :
Diamond Rings: “Mellow Doubt”


Patagonian chrome, an absolute wonder lost in the middle of a wind swept desert. When will I see you again, land of wonders? A movie by our friends from the Fly Fishing Nation, beautiful as a Nine Inch Nails’ song with a Black Sabbath title.


The Peach Kings for you this morning, from the Handsome Moves LP, how appropriate for a flyfisherman…


Gone in the heat of summer.


Chocolate rivers and freezing gale, I’ve got the fisherman blues.