Musica del Alma: Pana Soul

Mouching lunchBack from Paris Fly Fishing Show, my pockets were filled with killer flies, miles of fluocarbon, gloves to protect me from the sun, but most of all after having had spent sometimes with my buddies and the whole Mouching team my head was filled with dreams of big bones, permit, cudas and sharks, because that’s what it was all about, the next Mouching Trip to Crooked Island Bahamas! (We still have one seat left!). So, as soon as I was home I needed some good music to keep on dreaming and that’s when I founded this new mixtape from Alan Dumbar on Musica del Alma ! A 50 minutes mix of old 45′s from the late 60′s to the mid 70′s, hot like the sun burning your body, cool as the gentle breeze in the palms, perfect soundtrack for the Bahamas ! As usual, the mixtape is HERE  and the tool to download it is THEREPana-Soul-Cover-525x525

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Drixxe Sextape3Here’s your little present for your week end, be ready to spend a hot night, tonight! Figure this out, Drixxxe has made an 47 minutes mixtape with soundtracks from X rated movies from the seventies, hot, darn hot! Perfect soundtrack to go fishing with! As usual, you find the mixtape HERE and if you want to download it, use THIS! Thanks Drixxe, it’s corny, hot, tacky and groovy! Hooo là là!

Trumpet : Clark Terry

Look and listen, it’s a masterpeice. Oscar Peterson Trio in Helsinki Finland in 65. I was listening to some be bop today and I came across Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One, one of my favoriote records. As it’s too cold to get out in snowy New York (10F) I stayed home by the fireplace and as I was listening to “Mumbles” I read that CLark Terry passed away yesterday. So I scouted the internet and found this jewel for you, so you could understand how a great trumpet player Clark Terry was, He’s also the creator of “Mumbles”. Oscar Peterson on piano, Ray Brown at the bass, Ed Thigpen at the drums and special guest: Clark Terry flugelhorn, trumpet and vocals. Enjoy.

Go Joona!

I really like Scandinavian Jazz. You’ve got everything in this boiling cauldron of northern magic, from the venerable-and-boring sax of Jan Garbarek to the crazy experimental edge of Marja Ratjke, haunting voices like Sidsel Endresen, even sheer genius like pianist Esbjörn Svensson and his Trio (E.S.T. do yourself a favor and listen to the Live in Hamburg on ACT, there has been very few records at this level of perfection in the last 20 years)…

And then there’s the fantastic Jazz and Fly Fishing combo, our pals from up there. And I wanted to share this great news: Joona Toivanen Trio “November” has been nominated in “Best Jazz Album” for the Finnish Grammy Awards. Congrats Joona!! Listen to a couple of his titles HERE.


Bob Marley, Ibiza 1978

RastaFlyThis film is awesome, figure out, first concert in Spain, in Ibiza, land of freedom, Island of no boundaries, a concert in a Bullfight Arena, with Spain just coming out of Franco’s dictatorship… Even if you don’t speak Spanish, watch it, it’s history. And click on the fly to learn how to tie it.

Monday sound

Here’s a nice mixtape from Lefto, if you loke jazz, rythm and blues, hip hop, groove, this is for you! Perfect as a background music when you’re tying your flies, or in the car when you go to the river. Here at Le Mouching’s office, we’re all working with this mixtape in the loudspeakers, we love it, I hope you will love it too! The sound is HERE and if you want to download it, don’t forget you will need THIS.Lefto Mixtape

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Irlande, under water: porn.

Did you ever imagine all that was happening underwater? Check what’s going on in the irish waters…best porn ever!

The Crutch

At the Gullkroken festival this year, the guys sitting next to us were really nice, we started chatting (in fact they translated all the show that was in norwegian) and when they understood we were from Le Mouching, they jumped in the air and said “we love you! You posted all our films and wrote really funny things!” so we loved them too (them being Bandit Production).So when last night Trond Kjærstad sent me their new film I instantly loved it and wanted to share it with you! Ready to go to any length to go fishing, no matter what, and crutches are certainly not going to stop us. Nothing can stop us! The awesome music is Dirty Rhodes from Kevin MacLeod.