4th of July


Hard to keep your feet on the ground when you hear that song from Bag Raiders, Sunlight, you just feel like dancing and dancing. At the beginning when there is that beat that seems to go like  fishiki fishiki fishiki, we loved it already then it feels like any other song we hear every night, but as it goes, with the pictures, you feel the music is taking over you, and at the end of the film when it stops, you just play it again, and again! Deliverance by Fishiki Fly Fishing.

Bye Bye Eddy

Eddy Louis, for all the jazz fans, you know who we are talking about, for all the others, we just want to let you know that today we’ve lost one of the best jazz organ players. Eddy Louis was first spotted in the heart of the beat of Saint Germain de Prés in the mid sixties in the swinging Paris, home of jazz musicians from all around the world, mainly because there was no segregation and freedom was within reach. So Eddy strated with Les Doubles Six, the famous a singer’s french band who would make all the jazz standards, theirs! Than Eddy played with all the greatest such as in this peace, Dum Dum, with Stan Getz, René Thomas and Bernard Lubat. Later he became an icon for all the jazz scene of the 70′s leading the way in a more funky/new orleans style. Bye bye Eddy.

Summer’s Mixtape

Blundetto summerAre you ready to rock? Turn up the sound, here’s the perfect summer mixtape brought to us thanks to our friend Blundetto, this one is special “heatwave” 44 minutes of reggae dub, the best to spend the summer evenings chilling under the stars! Peace to all of you! To listen the Mixtape, click HERE and to download it, just hit the download button on the Soundcloud page!

Kick Out the Jams !

I don’t know what happened, sometimes I wake up and I really need something to set me on a good mood for the day, so I went through my record collection and today I’ve found that! I beleive it is a song full of energy the kind of thing I needed to here to have a nice day. This recording from Kick Out the Jams by MC5 is the Sinclair editing from Detroit’s concert in 1969, I hope you’ll like it, it is dedicated to our friends from Detroit, This is Fly. Paris, Tim, we miss you!  

LeFto season’s final

LeFtoAre you ready to chill for two hours? This is the latest LeFto show of the season and since we listen to it almost all the time since it’s been out, we thought we should share it with you, it’s supreme! As usual click HERE to listen to it and if you want to download it use THIS. Don’t you miss Rejjie Snow and Adrian Younge special sessions! Enjoy.

Tracklist below Read more…

This Is Fly #52

Woohooo! You were looking for something to get you horny? Naaa, don’t think about those mags just read the latest This Is Fly #52! This new issue, is going to keep you up all night long and even more! Special perk in this issue is a film on Tuna fishing on the French Riviera by our friends Pierre Lainé & Nicolas Duquerroy, but be sure to read the whoe mag, it’s bliss! This Is Fly #52

Story of the beast

I was in my late teens. Of course, I knew Fight for your Right and the hilarious clip, but I had no idea who the Beastie Boys really were. Then I bought Check your head, almost by chance, and the thing punched me in the face. It was like everything I loved in hip-hop, funk, jazz, punk had fused into one big hot sauce. Three MCees and one DJ… The scratch by DJ Hurricane was simply crazy like nothing I’ve heard before. Fast forward a couple of years and it was Sabotage, it’s meaty riff and the incredible videoclip directed by Spike Jonze, smart ass and fun, almost prophetic of Tarantino and his fascination for cliché action. Later Mix Master Mike would come and redefine what a turntable is, then the Hello Nasty years, and many more memories. All in all, down to that sad day in 2012 when MCA died and put an end to the trajectory, the BBoyz had been in my musical life for 25 years.

Doc Delay mixed the Beastie Boys in a tribute that will certainly make you move like crazy. Pump up that volume and go hear it there : click!!