Rodrigo Amarante, Irene

When it comes to music, we usualy share a whole mixtape with you, and if you like it you can download it easily, most of the times it’s music to dance to or a perfect background music to do the things you love. This time it’s a little different. I’m sharing  my feelings with you, I’m back in Paris and I hate it. I’d rather be by the sea or close the a river, filled with trouts. So, here’s for your hears and your soul, because I’ve learn that in life, when you share your sorrows, they vanish. Rodrigo Amarante’s Irene is the perfect song, just for today.

This Is Fly #53

What’s best affter you had your summer holiday but to dive again in what is the crème de la crème of LE fly fishing? Yes! You got it right! This Is Fly, #53! The latest issue, how don’t know how to call it, The Fall Issue? The Summer’s end issue? Yes, I think the Summer’s end issue suites it really well, ther is still some fishing to do and fall isn( here yet! Anyway call it what you want, I’m reading it!

TIF #53

Jazzcat Summer Sunset Mix

Summer Sunset mix by JazzcatWether you’re driving up to the river or that you’re home tying flies or even outside with your friends having a drink at sunset ,this is the mixtape you wnat to download and play loud, it’s all about summe feelings, joy and happiness! From cumbia to beats, from reggae to downtempo, you won’t resist, it’s the ultimate mix to hold on to  the summer a little longer! Here’s Jazzcat Summer Sunset mix, you will need this page to download it!

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Jah loves fly fishing

Jah GardenA lot of fly fishers love reggae but did you know that Jah loved Fly fishing? In case you doubt it, here’s from Codex of Plants Response: Jah Garden, the ideal soundtrack for a hot summer (and even more)! So if it’s too hot to go fishing just let your boat beeing rocked!

To listen to it, it’s this way: Jah Garden and to download it, you will need THIS!

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Summer’s mixtape: LeFto

summer 15 specialHot, hot as hot summer night, when you are staring at the skies and shooting stars are flying like dry flies at the end of a line. This mixtape from our friend LeFto is probably the hottest thing you’ll listen to this summer, not a dancing mixtape but the perfect love soundtrack! Just for you to know it’s playing non stop since it’s out. To listen to this precious jewel it’s HERE and to donwload it to play it on your Hi Fidelity system it’s THERE!

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Roger Riddle - Over doHere’s to dance the summer night away! A little gift from our friend Roger Riddle, specialy made for the hot summer nights, wether you’re dancing under the stars or just chilling out, Roger has got a special mix for you. Here at Le Mouching, we are getting all the single ladies to join us and dance’til down! To listen, just go THERE  and to download, once again, use THIS!

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Celia Cruz ¡Azúcar!

Celia Cruz, everyone who mentionned the name “Cuba” had heard Celia, she was THE voice of Habana until 1961 when she left the Island to come to America. For all salsa lovers she’s the one who made salsa big, since she left us on the 16th of July 2003 we thought that today was the right day for you to have a treat: Celia Cruz with Tito Puente, Johnny Pacheco and La India! Guys, here’s over an hour of the best salsa ryhtms! Usefull if you are planning to go to Cuba. But dont forget, she left in 61… ¡Azúcar!

Latin Jazz Dance

Latin Jazz DanceThe heatwave is nailing you to your couche, you can hardly go to the river without sweating like a pig, there are no fish anyway, the waters are too low, and we should let those poor fish when the river gets to nearly 70°. But at night, at night when the heat comes down but it’s warm enough to be outside under the stars, when the summer heat turns you into a dancing lover, here are the best sounds to dance to! Push the table, make some space for the dancefloor, turn down the lights, turn up the sound, here comes the Latin Jazz dance soundtrack that will allow you to dance the night away ! Enjoy HERE and us THIS page to download !

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