I love this song, Leonard Cohen’s Banjo, it’s calm and got ryhtm at the same time. I love bonefish, I love walking the flats. I feel so happy when I walk the flats, I fell so happy when Iisten to that song, they both make me feel alive, and they calm me down. I just don’t want ton be at my desk working, right now, I want to be a month away when I’ll be walking the flats in Bahamas, maybe I’ll be singing Leonard Cohen’s Banjo. 

Out in Africa

What a dream… I remenber once I met a fisherman in Austria who told me he had been raised in Kenya and that he spent his childhood going with his father to a fly fishers club in Nairobi.  They would always go fishing in fantastic camps, and that every time they went was a real expedition, they had to drive hours and horse ride to the camp, but he told me that once they got there,  the rivers and the fish were incredible. So this morning when I found that film on the Ragati river, everything was clear to me… I remembered that evening in the Austrian Alps when we smoked cigars and drank Schanpps to the little hours of the morning, listening to Barry talking about his native Kenya and the fantastic fishing trips he had.

Yokohama Fly

This is so unheimlich, both familiar and very strange, like Japanese rock’n roll. Let’s embark with the guys from the Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club, for a little trip in the industrial harbors of the Yokohama area, to see what can be caught on the fly… Can you imagine that? Coming home after a long day, probably not too many fish, the night falls, and over there, the incredible skyline of one of the craziest cities of the world. That’s when you decide that life is good, you light a cuban cigar, and you go rockfishing. On the fly.  

In the jungle

In the thick jungle, deep and moist, you hear the refreshing sound of the water, you get to it bending under the bushes, wherever we are, the sound of water sparks in us the same feelings, tireness disappears, alll of our senses are awakening, our heart beats faster, our gait is lighter. No it’s not the opium from the Northern moutains, nor a magical drink, it’s the call of the Mahseer! There, in the Thai jungle, we are attracted to that river, we see them, we feel no pain, to tireness, all we do is focusing on the fish, nothing else matters. We are possessed, We want to catch them.  Thai Fishing

La Regina

We say Argentina, you think, sea trout, rainbows, browns, Patagonia… Forget about all that, let’s go tropical, lets go North East in Corrientes by the Parana river, home of massive Dorados and fierce Pacus… Regina Lodge is obviously where we want to go. Seems to be fun. We love the soundtrack!

Slovenia, my love

Every year it’s the same, every year when the first rays of sun start to warm us at the end of winter, it becomes an obsession, I want to go to Slovenia!

Slovenia is for me like the best fishing holidays, and I mean holidays because every time I go I feel at home, I feel that I belong there, I feel the rivers know me and I know them. Usualy I take a cheap flight to Venise, there’s hundreds of them, then I rent a car and 1:30 hour later I’m in Kobarid, at my favorite place Hotel H’vala (its clean, anglers friendly, there is a wader’s room, and most of all it’s confortable, the food is amazing, and you’re never more than half an hour drive from the best fishing spots from many rivers, the Soća, of course, but also the Idrija (one of my favorite) the Baća, Tolminka, Nadiza, Trebuščica, enough to allow you to fish in any situation regarding the weather and the water conditions. I don’t know what you are up to, but I’m going to try to go for opening week, I’ll feel you in.

The other main reason we’re all going to Slovenia, beside the hotel the food, the beauty of the landscapes and the crazy fish, is that we have the best guides to help us spend the best time ever (all of them speaking english) ! Speak to Planet Fly Fishing, they know the place very well.

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Clint Kemp

A walk with Clint Kemp, manager of the Blackfly Lodge, Abaco, Bahamas. Clint  has taken a year off and he went fishing for 3 month non stop on the flats. Being a guide is a hell of a job and at the same time it brings som much joy. As he’s saying  you can floatto a flat and have a long slow walk, it’s life giving, and if you catch a fish, you’ll remember it forever!   


When Alexis Pageau goes to Tasmania, this aint no joke! Happy as the song that goes with his film! (Trick Poney, Charlotte Gainsbourg – Boys Noize Remix). This film has such a positive energy it’s a perfect wake up call for the open season that’s starting next week in the Northern hemisphere. And what a trout! You want to hold it, you want to feel all its muscles its delicate skin. There is nothing better than to be feeled with happness after catching a fish. Thanks Alexis!

After many weeks of research, I finally found the best river in Tasmania to catch monster trouts. Tyenna river will stay in my mind forever! Watch this video and you’ll see why!