Field Candy, what a tent!

Okay, we all have a tent and let’s be honest, it’s fucking uggly, boring and with no style, wether it’s a tent you pack in you car, you carry in your bagpack or you you have in your garden, when buying a tent we’ve always been looking at two things, how many can fit in? And how leight can it be! But now, thanks to Field Candy you can add a third question: how good will it look! This is the end of dull camping, my friends! You can choose from so many graphics and if you don’t find what you like, you can even have a tent printed with your wildest dreams! What about a Mouching tent? Well, of course, it’s not cheap… from 265 to 600$, but I can assure you, you’ll instantly make new friends!

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Cheer up, My brother

When you put all your life into fly fishing, you don’t care about what is happening, you just fish, no matter what, you cannot live without fishing, because fishing gets you  like an obsession but we are never sure if it’s catching fish that is important or the lifestyle and friendship that goes with it, the everlasting question. The early days of Summer, end of Spring, when nature is just at its best for troutfishing. That’s when you cheer up, my brother, because nothing else matters!

Cheer up, My Brother by HNNY

Slovenian summer

When the heat bounces on the white rocks, when the water is cold and clear, when you can spot the trout and enjoy life, when you look up and you see the peaks are so close you can touch them with your hand, when the trout is a Marmoratta, when you are carried by the fragance of linden is so strong it smells like honey, you know you are in Slovenia, and it can be heaven.

Late dinner in Saulou

You’re fishing on the Dordogne in summer, down river from Argentat. You’ve waited for the afternoon heat to pass, and now the river’s becoming alive. Lots of insects hatching, big ephemera, sulphurs, caddis flies. Fish rise everywhere. The fishing is tough, very low water, very weary fish, but you manage to catch a couple of nice graylings on dries. Time flows as the river, and soon it’s almost night. You climb back to your car. It’s 10 p.m. and you haven’t eaten a thing since noon. And you know that it could be a problem here, because everything is closed or about to be, so you would be in for a long drive home on an empty stomach.

But there is a place. The dinner in the Saulou campgrounds is open late. It has a very popular touch, and late at night it’s borderline Lynch. But the food is good, and you badly need it anyway. You’ll be served with diligence and humour, in less than five minutes you’ll feel at home. If you warn the boss in advance, they’ll wait for you when you fish into the night, on the late summer sunsets. Go and try it. Le Mouching recommends!camping

The Country Squire Ford

—– NEED —–

Read more about this incredible Ford project from the ’50, it was a such genius idea… we need one at the Mouching!



Here’s our friend Nacho Puyal from Fishing and Fotography Spain, was wearing his lucky shirt when he caught this massive catfish on the fly! Just for you to understand one thing, Nacho always goes BIG!

Nacho y el Siluro

The Route of the Spring Creek [update]

In Patagonia, we always think it’s big rivers you float down, but Patagonia is also known, you have to hike a little bit for that or go off the maps, for it’s spring creeks filled with amazing fish! Check this film, you’ll probably would like to fish Argentina an another way, next time. Have a good sunday, it’s over half an hour long.

Flyfishers inc. #12

You thought you were ahead of your time? That was before you read Flyfishers inc. !Because those guys know how to make you feel they are different and way ahead, the Fall issue is just out! Yes! Fall or Autumn, name it as you want but as we are sweating under the red ht sun of july, those guys are already in the cool breeze of September! But that’s not the only reason we like them, this mag has got plenty for us to read!Flyfishers inc.12