That river is more than a river, it’s amost human, almost like a woman, so we’ll say “she” for it. She has temper, sometimes quiet, sometimes rough, we could say she has moodswings, but in either case, she’s beautiful and you could fall easily in love with her. She will give back your love not with kisses but with fish, with salmon.


You want to catch BIG trout? They sure like streamers… Here’s your Sunday film, Obsession by , a season catching big trout in Oregon. Fifteen minutes of happyness.


Our friend Ken from Elsass has made a film on his last Russian trip, big salmon there is indeed on that clip! And with the soundtrack (Masikulu Dub) it becomes a full action movie! Salmon fishing, it’s all about frustration, worst than Permit fishing!


At Le Mouching, we’re not very fan of fly fishing made with a GoPro ON the fisherman, it moves to much, it shakes, it makes us dizzy… but from time to time we post one, and we chose this one for the dialogs and because it’s always nice to see a Fiberglass rod working, You see how differently you fight the fish than with a carbon rod? It’s a real pleasure to watch. But please all of GoPro users, think about us when you shoot… we like handheld or steady camera, it prevents us from beeing sick on our keyboard! Nice rod indeed!


Le Mouching, fly fishing, welcome

When I first arrived in New York, many years ago, with a little sack the color of a mildewed aquarium as my full set of luggage, I didn’t have even a shadow of a coin in my pocket.

In an attempt to remedy the sad state of affairs, my Hawaiian sweetheart organized an “open studio” for the artists of our loft building in “Hell’s Kitchen”, which is the Manhattan neighborhood where we lived.  During the event a guy came up to me, he was highly impressed and said that he had store next to his movie theater in a little beach town called Sag Harbor far out on Long Island, three hours from New York City; he proposed that we open an art gallery for the summer.Without hesitating we said yes. Read more…


Our friend Stefan Dombaj on his last hosted trip with The Fly Fishing Nation in San Lazaro, Cuba, having a blessed moment: two Permit in a row! Look at his face on the second fish, he cannot belive what is just happening!  What a happy man! San Lazaro is one of the best places in the world for Gran Slam, if the Permit want to play game.


Red, orange, ginger, yellow, light brown, burnt red, get all those colours over the trees, the morning mist, the automn chill, the last sunny days before the snow. How beautiful is that? How much will you give to be there, in the mountains, in the silent of the woods by the river with only it’s song and birds to your ears? Casting for a trout knowing it’s time to get as much protein as it can before winter comes. Fall is an amazing season, it’s the end of something, it brings to our hearts a very special feeling to me, the end of the summer days, kind of a grief and at the same time the joy to know I would be stuck at home, that the stove will be making its metalic song, that the snow will muffle every sound, a very special time. I love seasons whatever they bring to me, they all tell me you’re alive and you’re part of nature. Thank you Tight Loops for giving us this Sunday film, it’s a gem! Deerfield River, just a few hours drive North of New York.


Odetta Sings Folk Songs-900 Miles

Jackson C. Frank-Milk and Honey

Ohia-Farewell Transmission

лооп (Loop in russian) Кольский полуостров

Кольский полуостров (Kolal peninsula) Unreal, like in a dream, a dream all salmon fly fishers wished came true. Holly land of salmon, Kola peninsula is what dreams are sometimes made of, and we hope this film will bring you more elements to dream about and that it will one day become reality.

Loop Russia


Youth, freedom and happyness, what else do we need to have a great time? Ha! Rivers and fish! And where could we find that easily? In Austria, where seculed rivers are waiting for you if you are ready to make the effort to get to them, we’re not talking about the private hotel’s beats… This film is bringing sunshine to our hearts! These kids have the real Mouching spirit!

Music: Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero


Fancy fishng the Himalayas ? We all heard it’s great, plenty of trouts (when not poached…) our friends form Hi&Fly organize nice fly fishing trips there, but it’s not what we are about to show you. We’d love to take you on a bus joureny, on a very, very high road. The best is to watch this in the dark, full screen, and try to focus on the river below, you’ll get a nice idea of what the guys in the bus must be feeling!