And this is Xmas… Are you ready to cry? Are you ready to watch films so beautiful they’ll make you want to go fishing instantly? Well, get ready for the International Fly Fishing Festival 2015 aka IF4.2015. So after Marc Crapo’s Bermuda Love Triangle, here are some goodies! If you have the luke to be close to a theatre where it’s scheduled, book now!

“Distracted”: By Western Waters Media

“Recapture”: By Mike Percelli

“Sensei”: By Vantage Point Media House and Fly Fusion Films


Unbeleivable yesterday, the door is opening! I have been traveling to Cuba since 1992, and been fishing every year since 2001… But it’ll never be the same again, although every year was different, starting today, it will never ever be the same! But for the fly fishermen who had the luck to go the Cuban flats, a part of us is afraid, the island by being cut from a major part of the salt water fly fishers, what is going to happen? Are the prices going to go way up as it was one of the cheapest destination for exotic fishing? Will the pressure be stronger? I’ve always heard “Cuba, it’s like FLorida, 50 years ago”… for how long, those amazing waters and the kindest people I had the luck to meet are only 3 hours away from Nw York, less than an hour from Miami. If you can, go now while it’s still cheap and chearful! Cuba


Wonderland! Our friends from Hooké have just released  probably one of the best Xmas gift you’ll have this year: a 20 minutes film on fihsing the Ungava bay! For now, here’s the trailer, but you can book your tickets to see it in full at the International Fly Fishing Film Fest if you are in Northern America, but if you are elsewhere, be patient. In the meantime Enjoy!


Who’s crazy enough to stay all season guiding in Alaska? Well…here’s the answer, you can find them at Yantarni!


Lucky ones, yes, you are the lucky ones, more than half an hour of Salmon FIshing in BC, From Oslo, Norway to the rivers of British Columbia a bunch of friends have a great time and they made an awesome film! Check it out!


If Napoleon hadn’t been such a (can we say douche?) we would be fishing French Red Fish in Louisiana, but he sold it with the city of New Orleans for 15 M $! (5 for Louisiana, 10 for New Orleans… and he did it without asking the French Congress… what’s done is done… luckely the zydeco and the Cajun music is still there ! How lucky you are to go fishing in the marsh for Red Fish…if only… we could do it too…


Our friend Norbert Renaud, famous pike fly tyer, is just coming back from Costa Rica. We believe he had some fun…


If you want to say Bonefish in New Caledonia, you have to say Paipai, and when we say Paipai you have to understand you just said “Big Bonefish” because that’s what it’s all about… on Ouvéa Island, the flats are known for big bones, that you fish from the beach or wading, surrended by sharks… here is the trailer of our friend Pierre Monatte new film that will be shown at The Rise Film Festival. And it’s only a teaser… in the final movie, they are catching… big, big fish…

Hnimek: one of the last wild sanctuaries. A strange feeling to enter into communion with powerful Mother Nature and a unique human experience.
Denis Watiligone (, native from Ouvea, has one goal: make you know the joy to be cling to a silver torpedo in the midst of a worryingly go back and forth of sharks. Here, Shark is the King. Bonefish is a Prince.
Bonus: fish off the coast of Isle of Pines with Ivar, the boss of Kou Bugny hotel.