Chilian Patagonia

Chilean Patagonia, way down South, where the beauty of the outdoors is breathtaking, where you have the feeling that you are so small regarding nature, that nature is overwhelming, where moutains are covered with everlasting snow, that lakes and rivers are filled with thousands of trouts, where you feel part of nature. Aitue. So water stay clean. Watch the entire film, 40 minutes of bliss.

Brittany fly fishing show

Like every other year, fly fishermen from Brittany, that west point of France are gathering for their fly fishing show! Brittany, once the home of man salmon, is now back on the tracks! Plenty of rivers, plenty of fish but not  only rivers, a lot of  salt water fishing too, for stripped bass! We strongly recommend you get there if you’re around the 20th and 21th of February, Salon des Pêches à la mouche en Bretagne, it’s a small fly fishing show with a real “soul”! Don’t miss it!SAlon Brittany fly

Forza Italia

You like Italian food? Do you ever thought about going fishing in Italy? We always think of Italy as a country to go visit for Florence, Tuscani, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Venice and so on, but what about the moutains, the Dolomites, the Alpes, Northen and Southern, have you ever thought of bringing a rod and than go cry in front of a Caravaggio. You need a proof that fishing in Italy is amazing, just watch.

Vestlandet pearls

At the far west point of Scandinavia, in Vestlandet region in Norway are many rivers with massive salmon, Atlantic Salmon of course! So here’s enough to drive us crazy but not only, it’s also a film filled with hapîness! What else do we need but to see a flyfisherman happy? Obviously when it comes to fly fishing, Scandinavia has it all ! English subs : click on CC lower right corner of screen, as usual.

Son of a Fish!

It’s deep down in us, we cannot fight it or go against it! We’re doomed, our whole life is about fishing! But this comes with a bunch of friends, happy days and a bucket of fishing trips! Check out this film from Delta Trout Force,: Christmas Island, Colorado, Baja California, and Wyoming, where there is fish, there is happiness.

Fly Fishing Show @ Paris

You’re around Paris in January? Come over to the Fly Fishing Show will be held South of Paris at about 50 km. We’ll be there, waiting for you, there also will be plenty of fly fishing shops showing the latest gear, there will be some travel agents, and much more!fly-show

Cuba Skate

Habana! Yeah I know a lot of you are looking at the Island and saying to yourselves soon, soon will be able to go ! But please, please don’t go empty handed! Just think of your youth, just think about everything you’re able to get or to have, how easy it is to wal down the mall and be fussy about a pair of sneakers, , how easy it is for you, for us to get a cap, a T shirt we like, a board. how easy it is just to take your board and go to the skatepark and have fun with your friends, how easy it is to take a long board and use it to go from one place to the other. There, it’s not the same. When you get 15$ a month how do you want to buy a board in a shop that doesn’t even exist? How do you want to get the basic, new wheels, new trucks… there are no shop, everything has to come from us, the “Europeans” or the Canadians and nest you, the Americans. So please if you ever come to Cuba, just remember that in Havana, if you go to Calle 23 y G, you might find some skateboraders who will appreciate even an old borad. ANd this goes for everything. What I do when I go to Cuba, I give everything away, they have nothing, we can buy everything back once we’re home.


Sexyloops always has some jewels in their treasure chest, today when the cold starts hitting us, we need some warmth we need some dream, no, not flats and poons or bones or even permit, we need something more exotic than that. Here’s Gourami in Malaysia! Gou what ? Gourami, my friend, Gourami, you’re darn ugly, but it’s fun fishing for you dear Gourami! What I like is the pace and the quiet of that fishing. Let’s go Gourami!


Come, it’s a wonderful city, even for less than a day.


Power of the River

Power of the riverHere are all the clips of introduction to Power of the River. Watch them all and help them complete the entire film by participating to their kickstarter project.

Oregon Steel

In the middle of the night, I opened an eye, our friends from Revive Journal had just sent us an email and the famous “ding” wole me up, dew to the european time I was just asleep, so I decided to watch what they had sent me. Boys of th River!After watching it I could not go baclk t o bed again, I was so excited, I had visions of steelheads ans Oregon landscapes in my mind and it kept me away quite awhile! It’ll probably do the same to you.

Drum in NOLA

How bad do you want to go for redfish? Does it hurt when you see this video, do you feell you should be on that boat too, do you find this teaser too short ?  Well if the answer is “yes”, I’m sorry to tell you, you’ll have to wait a little to watch the full movie. But if the pain is too big, just go South of New Orleans!

The Anti-Duffle!

When it comes to bags we are very fussy, we want the best, and we do’nt want the same as everyone else. So when we saw the Anti-Duffle from Launch Pack we just said to ourselves we NEED one! We need one because it’s a clever bag, and the if like us you’ve used duffles, you know how we hate to stash everything in a huge pocket and than have to look for hours something we’ve just put on the top… So here it is, you can have separated goods in the pockets, wet or dry gear and even use it as a mat when you’re getting geared up or down… and when you get that special Trout Edition, it gives you a one year membership to Trout Unlimited (value 35$)This is the bag I want on my Xmas list (129$)!

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Treasure chest

Stefan Ågren posted a jewel something he pulled out his treasure chest! Shooting in New Zealand with the Frontsidefly boys! Click on CC for subs… and enjoy!