For years we have been asking “Can you fly fish in the Maldives?”, and the only answer we would ever get, was : ” I dunno… I went there on my honeymoon…” or “No clue. I went on a diving trip…”. The best answer we ever had was, “there should be some bones with such flats”… Well nothing serious, we always thought the Maldives could be a nice spot but no one ever fished there and all we were sure of was that the place is full of islands with swanky hotels, over-water bungalows, nice flats around and plenty of Europeans and Australians on honeymoons or diving trips…. That is untill the guys from Sø went there with a fly rod… A whole new world is opening before us! “Darling ?? Pack your bags !!”  (Before the whole place is off the map, submerged in water!)