35 !!! Holly shit !!! 35 is 70 months, that means that it has been almost 6 years since This Is Fly is giving us THE BEST ! This issue is so beautiful it makes me want to cry! Did you see this lay out ? Any AD from any magazine in the world would kill for that ! And the pictures ! Have you seen those pictures ? I mean, really, did you check them out porperly ? Have you ever seen such a choice? Have you , like me, felt all the poetry and th elove that is in them ? When I said it was so beautifull it made me want to cry I really ment it… It’s such a beauty ! Do you realize how lucky we are, we are getting all this for free !!  FOR FREE !!! All that work just by Paris Fleezanis and Tim Miller !! Those guys deserve more than we can give them !! Go to  page 21 and check our friends Dnaiel and Anton who will tell you everything about their last film Gaula ! Page 42 it’s another friend of ours, Ruben who gives out his little secrets ! Page 50 go to Belize and get crazy for bones! And then page 67 the poetry and the beauty of what you see make you want to be by the water !  I cannot write no more. I am overwhelmed I got to go back to this TIF#35 ! I don’t care if you read it or not, I just need more more of that beauty I wanna be with Tim Tim page 109, it’s too beautyfull I don’t ver want it to stop ! Again and again I want to read what we like the most: fly fishing! Thanks bros! Peace, as you say.[slideshow]