We already quickly present Swift the new company launched by Carl Mc Neil and his wife. Carl has answered few questions.

What’s the idea behind Swift ?

Three fairly simple reasons:

1. On the Fly Productions had grown to the stage where it had established a strong distribution network and was dabbling in high quality tackle.

We needed to separate this part of the business off so that On the Fly could revert and focus on it’s core business – making great fly fishing media.

2. There are a number of products in the market that stand head and shoulders above all others (in their respective categories) for example Stroft and Loon.

These products were underrepresented in New Zealand & Australia and we wanted to get them into the hands of our anglers. Swift let’s us do this.

3. Most importantly, we have a strong desire to establish our own international tackle brand. One that would design and manufacture small runs of unique gear that was yet unseen.

High performance fishing equipment that is simple, clean & elegant and designed for specific fishing situations. More on this later…

I was surprised not to see rods – for a casting fanatic like you… Then I found the Epic Fly Rod section in construction ? what’s it’s all about ? what are THOSE rods ?

We’re playing this one pretty close to our chest as we still have a long way to go. However, our Epic fly rods fit within our design philosophy that gear should not only be highly functional, it should be extremely durable, beautiful to use and to look at. We’re applying the same production values and aesthetic philosophy  that we use in our film productions like Once in a Blue Moon, Casts that Catch Fish and Itu’s Bones. They all broke new ground. Equipment by Swift will too.

Our Lunar fly reel also adheres to this ethos.While we have no intention of trying to compete with the myriad of great rod makers out there,  I believe that the industry has lost it’s way a little with regard to certain aspects of rod design.

Lighter, stiffer and faster present little advantage for many of the fishing situations that I see anglers in. At present I suspect we’re driven by the marketing machine and fashion rather than real world fishing situations – and in general, anglers are going along for the ride.

Epic rods will not be for everyone, and to get the most out of them an angler will need to be a competent fly caster. They are being designed for quite specific trout fishing situations and our intention is not to produce a “great all rounder”

We’ve also given a huge amount of thought as to how trout anglers actually use a fly reel. It’s function, form and construction.

What kind of product you have, really change your fishing ?

I’ve looked hard at how me and my friends fish. Two things stood out in the way that they use their gear.

1/ They don’t use the fancy drag on their fly reels. Almost without exception they set a light drag, just enough so that to spool does not overrun, then when a fish is caught they palm the reel.  This gives far greater control than any drag ever can.

2/ As you know, Most of our fishing is to sighted fish at quite short distances, 20 -30 ft, most of these fish are quite large. .  For this type of fishing you need a rod that loads & presents like a 4 weight, but has the stopping power of a 6 weight.

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