Ultimate fly fishing.

As beginners, we always want to impress the others and give confidence to ourselves, it’s the time when we would come home with several trout, and put them in the sink, proud, with stars in our eyes, waiting for the aknowledgement of our parents, wife, kids, friends. Coming home empty handed was often a sign of youdo’nt catch shit!  Than, we improve our fishing and we are looking for the biggest, the number of fish we are looking for is not that important but we need the big one!  Than as time go by, we’re just happy to go to the river but we all know that the most rewarding feeling is when we take someone fishing and that we make him catch fish! Comes that time when you guide someone, and the fish goes back to a clean environment.

Then we all get a lesson, a fishing and a life lesson, it’s whnwe watch Reno Boyd film where happiness doesn’t come from catching fis, eating it or releasing it, it comes from something much richer than that, it is something that works as neurotrasmitter to pleasure, like dopamine would. It’s the pleasure of lurring a fish, not with barbless hooks, with no hook at all! just feathers tied on the upper part of the hook, not to hurt the fish, but just to see and proove ourselves we could catch the fish if we wanted to. The ultimate pleasure.

So I stood voiceless in front of my screen, looking at that guy cutting his hooks with a plier and I said to myself, that is the flyfishing we’re aspiring to. I was impressed by the serenity of this man the same way I was impressed by the same way I was impressed by Lee Spencer on Umpqua as he was lurring steelhead with flies with no hooks, not to harm them, just to get the jolt of the fish catching his “fly”.

I know it’s a long journey, in the meantime watch that film it’s amazing. Oui, je sais, le chemin est long, en attendant regardez ce film, c’est une leçon de zen.

“I flycast, I don’t flyfish”.