Hell yeah! 27! Guys, you rock! We love you, and as you say, you are going to nail it and don’t get the curse from the very privat 27 Club (you know, Brian Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Kobain, Amy Winhouse, Janis Joplin…) well all those rock stars who never made it after 27. No, you are not going to be one of them, because everyday, we burn a candle for you to have angling companies to keep on advertising with you so can keep on delivering the best of the best! Guys, We worship you! Thanks for all the good job!

So here’s what you can find and must read in Scale #27!

First Europoort Seabass, Go for seabass in the harbours of northern Europeseabass europort-seabass

Kayaking in the lakes of Dashland, Sweden.pike sweden

Connecting the Dots : art = Claus Simonsen little dots. soles Klaus-SImonsen

Salmon = River Giveth!salmon-kingz salmon-king

The PLAYLIST, Play it loud and fine!plalist

Norway = HalibutManiahalibut2halibut

Hungry? Arctic Char on the grill! miam

Aleksandar Vrtaric, nice pictures!alksandar

Fishing in Iran!iran

Guys, Mario Malarczuk is teaching you how to tie a few flies, you should pay attention! Mario-Malarczuc

Sean Landsman, amazing!sean-landsman

Et voilà, you just had the best of the fly fishing world making up with Sport fishing! And I’m sure you LOVED it, at least as much as we do!