This is the perfect gift to any saltwater fly Fisherman! It’s basicaly what salwater fishermen dream of! At last they are going to be able to tie all the flies they need and if they do’nt tie them at least they will know what to look for when they are shopping! All the flies you need for Bonefish Permit or Tarpon are in three different books. Books that are written and explained by one of the best tyers: Drew Chicone!

So get them while they’re available, and yes, they are worth the 250$ aked for, don’t even think about it, get them! Only at Wild River Press.

Some of the food for Bones

Bonefish flies:

  • Trodella’s Ghost
  • Flack’s Cocaine Crustacean
  • Adams’s Big Ugly
  • Chicone’s Bone Appétit
  • Chicone’s Tranqu-Hill-izer Shrimp
  • Helm’s Jessie Special
  • Hennessey’s Jedi Crab
  • Chicone’s Drama Queen Shrimp
  • Brown’s Rocket Man and Strip Tease
  • Bailey’s Snapping Shrimp
  • Simonson’s SimRam
  • Modified Meko Special
  • Coyote Ugly Series: Chicone’s Coyote Ugly
  • Coyote Ugly Spawning Shrimp

Feed the Permit

  • Chicone’s Tide Slave
  • Avalon Shrimp
  • Chicone’s Swamp Cabbage Shrimp
  • Baum’s Biscayne Bubble Gum
  • Bauer Crab
  • Chicone’s McFly Crab
  • Chicone’s Mayhem Mole Crab
  • Chicone’s Contraband Crab
  • Chicone’s Kung FuBlue Crab
  • Anderson’s McCrab
  • Skok’s Strong Arm Merkin

And for Tarpon

  • Chicone’s Peyote Palolo Worm
  • Chicone’s Punisher Series: Peppermint Punisher
  • Key Lime Punisher
  • Mill’s Marabou Shrimp
  • Chicone’s Double-Barrel Tarpon Popper
  • Turbo-Tied Tarpon Toad
  • Chicone’s Five-Minute Finger Mullet
  • Chicone’s Tuscan Bunny
  • Chicone’s Calypso Coyote
  • Classic Cockroach
  • Chicone’s Micro Mangrove Cannibal
  • Chicone’s Detonator Crab
  • Basic Black and Purple
  • Modified Everglades Special