Our good friend Mista Pike, aka Norbert Renaud, just got promoted ambassador for a little known but quite funky eyewear brand: The Cassette Company. They’re the outcome of the feverish imagination of the guys in a Idaho skateshop, who got sick of the silly prices of the market’s top brands. So: ultra stylish products with quality to boot, yet quite fair prices. And they’ve got their values right: they even have a program with RestoringVision that gives glasses to those (there’s millions of them) who need them and can’t afford a pair. We say: cool.

And Norbert, as suits a Prince, decided he’ll throw a party to celebrate. Not with booze, but with a neat promo code : 20% on the whole shop using NORBERTFWA. Plus: you’ll get free international shipping for any order above 70$. We say: way cool.