Ken Dreamfish, our friend from the German borders, great aspius aspius fly fisherman and pioneer of spey streetfishing in France, went with his buddies to chase chrome in far Asia.

Kamtchatka, in case you’ve missed the memo, is the Eastern edge of our world: put your shoes on and open your door wherever in Europe. Walk towards the rising sun, and never stop. Est by North East. You’ll end up on a beach. Breath deep for the salt, then follow the beach northward. After a while, you’ll end up on a large piece of land, stuck between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Bering, and many rivers runs through it, with clear waters. And there, middle of nothing and on a river’s bank, you’ll meet a bunch of lunatics shivering around a fire, under a yellow tarp, between moments of madness balls deep in the river, tied to ten pounds of furious chrome. These are Kamtchatka’s dream chasers.