Our friend Vinnie, spent sometimes with his camera on the same river he walks the banks with a fly rod in spring/summer/fall. But now, it’s winter. We don’t like to post slideshows, but this one is a beauty, and listening to Bach is always making us better people.

In many icy european Alpe’s rivers, trout never rise,  and even less during winter.

But this trout rose every day, under the bridge, eating nonstop. It was Christmas, I’m sure it’s still there.
I know the fish find out I was only carrying a camera, it let me get clos to it, very close, like 3 feet, it was eating almost in my hand.
As you can see in the slideshow, the trout was not alone in this pool. But it was the only one rising. We don’t have Mayflies there but it was like in Normandy, begining of June ! If anyone has a rational explanation … I’ll be pleased to listen to you!
According to my scientific charts, it probably tripled in weight, since I shot the film!
Rendez-vous in March, beautiful fish, but I think I won’t dare to try to catch you, but this time I won’t forget my polarizing filter.