Yeah, I know there is suddenly a lot of reading, it seems that all the fly fishing mags are out at the same time! You have a busy week, will you be able to read them all? As far as I know I’m keeping some extra time for The Mission, and with theire latest issue, #8, I’m going to travel for free! And that’s what I like, the excitment of having all those stories and fishing destinatations. Hot from South Africa, ladies and gentlemen, fly fishing anglers from all around the world, here is for you, a new drug : The Mission #8!mission8

Steenbass, did you know that fish?steenbassBeers & Beats kill your thirst and dancebeerNew Zealand, walking the trails.alpine

Do It Yourself, can be sketchydiy

François Botha,

Thin Blue line : trout in the wildernessNZ


Eduardo Garcia, Sometimes life sucks but we can always overcomeED

Tarpon of Gabongabon

Astove: Blood Sweat & Tearsastove


Tie that popper and go play with GT’spopper

Who is Timguide-2

Now turn off your computer and go fishing!