Catch Magazine #57

Houlala! As we say in la France! This issue is beast! As usual Catch Magazine feeds us with the best, with everything we need to go insane and get in a plane, a car, a boat to go fishing, not tomorrow but now! That’s what it does to me everytime I read it, I get the urge to get out and go fishing, because I want to be part of it, I want to be part of this amazing crazy world we belong to: the great outdoors! So read it! And if you haven’t suscribe yet, it’s probably time you do, 12$/year, it’s much more than worth it!

Jungle: Kedjam by Raphael Costabrazil

New Zealand and choppers: A Mobile View by Bryan Wilson and Kelley Moenmobile-view

Rio Grande a film by Todd Moen, you wanted big trout? There you go! rio-grande

Norway : Eira by Pasi Vikasivi. Just say the word Salmon.eira

Steelhead Green by Arian Stevenssteelhead

And last: Kamchatka! By Brian O’keefekamchatka

Now, you can choose between staying home and cry or get out and fish!