Eat Sleep Fish #80

For more than six years, Eat Sleep Fish has given us the best of English fly fishing, mainly about small streams in the South West of England, all of that under the hand of Pete Tyjas. I think that Pete’s words are what you want to read about the topic. In the meantime, Pete, we would like to thank you for all the work you have done and that was a bliss for us every month. Long live Fly Culture Magazine!

Over the last six (nearly seven!) years I have managed to get a copy of Eat Sleep Fish out each month without fail. Even a brain aneurysm exploding that nearly killed me didn’t stop me from missing a deadline.

I’m really proud of what Eat Sleep Fish has become, what it stands for and maintaining its principles in being, free, not for profit and believing everyone has a story to share.

In this time I’ve seen contributors get book deals and go on to write for magazines too.

I’ve tried hard to promote fly fishing in a real way and to try and help people in the industry as much as I could too.

Over this time though I have been amazed how many people I have bumped into on the water who have said they have enjoyed ESF.  I’ve never talked about the readership publically but monthly issues have been reaching 10s of thousands of unique readers.

Sadly though, I am going to have to step back from Eat Sleep Fish for a while. My latest project, Fly Culture, has already become a big but hugely enjoyable job and balancing that with my guiding work, something had to give. 

My plan is to see how the magazine works out and just go with the flow. In the meantime, as the magazine launch is only a month away, we have launched Fly Culture Digital which will run along similar lines as ESF and will feature free content from many familiar faces but instead of having to put an online mag together each month and worry about deadlines  I can load regular content that I think you’ll enjoy. 

So, for the 80th issue of ESF I have selected some of my favourite pieces from previous issues that I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I have just done.

Thanks, as always, to everyone for their articles, time, advice and friendship, I truly appreciate it.

Good fishing!

Pete Tyjas

Fly Culture Magazine

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