gueuleton-logo-agedx2Hell yes! When I first found their blog I said to myself, those guys are our hidden brothers! i sexactly who we would like to work with, Gueuleton  in French, meens Blow Out, Big Meal, but more than that, it’s a country meal, nothing of “nouvelle cuisine” it’s what you eat when you read Jim Harrison, it’s what you eat after a tough fishing day, it’s what you eat when you’ve been in the wild, it’s mainly bbq, good wines and cigars! Everything that we love! Gueluton is like a song to me a song that would have T.Bone, Grouse, Lamb, mushrooms,  Malbec, Cahors, Bordeaux, Montecristo, Partagas, Juan Lopez, Ramon Allones  as Lyrics! Waht a bliss! So when looking at their films I saw that one on Fly Fishing, I said to myself, these guys are definatly cool! 

I know it’s in French, but you want food, wine and cigars? Welcome to! They are also on fbk !