Portrait of a driven fly fisher : Grant Hartman

Rooster Fish, when you hear that name up in your mind comes a beach, blue/green ocean with waves and that fish with its long feathers! Yes, feathers as a rooster! You instantly feel the heat, the sand under your feet, the soind of the breaking waves, you wnat to be there because you knwo, or you imagine, it’s going to be sick! For all those reasons Grant Hartman is there in Baja, guiding for Rooster. And that portrait of a guide isn’t like any guide, Grant is driven, he knows deep inside that every time he comes back from the beach after fishing, he feels better, even if he had to endure the sun and the waves, the reward of having someone who you’ve been guiding catching a rooster, is priceless. Don’t you want to go? I want to add that fish to my list! Sorry to ruin your monday, but that film is awesome!