Here it comes! If you are a fly fisherman, don’t be shy to read the lure part, anyway, it’s winter and except mike, and tropics there isn’t much to do but read Scale !

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We chose to share only the FLY WORLD!

Flying Colours : Pike & Brown Trout in IrelandCapture d’écran 2019-12-01 à 10.42.50

The RISE film fest trailerCapture d’écran 2019-12-04 à 13.26.11

Faith Love Hope : Fishing in the shadows of the highlands on SamsøCapture d’écran 2019-12-01 à 10.57.30

Fly tyingCapture d’écran 2019-12-01 à 10.57.58

Space for Diversity : Management of rivers fisheriesCapture d’écran 2019-12-01 à 11.02.50

XMAS SHOPPING!Capture d’écran 2019-12-01 à 11.03.10

Rivers of plastic by Jack PerksCapture d’écran 2019-12-01 à 11.02.27

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