We all dreamed of one, we all want one, some of us will eventualy build one. What am I talking about? Cabins! Men’s cave! Personal Xanadu! The place where you can hide and live your life with no one telling you what to do! The place wher you can really be yourself, YOUR cabin! You can clean it and organize it as a lab or keep it untidy if you want, nobody cares it’s your den! To help you build it and to give you ideas, here’s a bible : Compact Cabins: Simple Living in 1000 Square Feet or Less

Compact Cabin

Paris Fly Fishing Show 2015 = Free tickets!

Paris Fly Fishing SHow 2015

The Paris Fly Fishing Show  2015  is just around the corner! SInce we are very nice people, we are giving away FIFTY tickets! Yes, 50 !!! All you need to do is send us an email  with subject “PFFS15“, than you’ll be on a guest list at the entrance !Paris fly fishing show 2015

Yaute’s fly fisherman

Here a cool blog from Michael Georges (not George Michael!) fly fisher from Savoie, French Alps, we love his pictures. Ttake a tour on his website and enjoy a day fishing on Savoyards rivers! 

Downhill 2

In the same serie as the previous film (going downhill with direct sound)… here’s Downhill 2 or “how lucky you are when it’s too stuffy and you can get on a pair of skis to get some fresh air”! Let’s follow French skier Candide Thovex in La Clusaz. Buckle up! (I know we didn’t have that much snow, this year).


Sometimes, the room gets too stuffy and we need to get some fresh air and change our mind… Good lesson for all the ones who always want to stick a soundtrack  on their films… I’m sure you’ll all appreciate the difference of editing direct sound.

El Capitan

As a teenager I was fascinated by El Capitan, it was something all the climbers in the “Alpilles” would dream about. Years later I finaly wento to Yosemite but I had stopped climbing but still I was fascinated by that cliff, so majestuous, so powerfull, I stayed almost all day looking at it, on the route there were climbers looking like ants, so small. This is tha major feeling I had by looking at El Capitan, we are so small. So when I read that Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson climbed the “Dawn Hall” route, I was so happy for them, it meant so much, I had to share it with you. Here’s a film with Kevin Jorgeson, so the ones who don’t know understand what I’m talking about.


When it’s warm, when the days are longer, when you fish more in the evening than during the day, when you nymphs don’t come out of their box, when the sparows are dancing above the river, when you see fish feeding on Mayflies, it’s paradise !

Paris Fly Fishing Show 2015

Paris FLy FIshing Show 2015Paris Fly Fishing Show 2015: Title says it all! If you are in Paris on the 27th and 28th of February, it’s a must! Not only you’ll get a chance to meet manufacturers like JMC and try their rods, but also Marc Petit Jean who’ll explain everything about his famous CDC, you could book a trip with Planet Fly Fishing, shop around at the many retailers present at the show, there is a lso a fly tying contest and many other opportunities to feed your addiction!  See you there !