Will we ever learn?

Very sad news from Brazil. Meanwhile in Alaska, greedy morons are still trying to get the Pebble Mine project running…

Autumn Sea Trouts

Here’s what happen when one guy fishes and the other didn’t even bother to take his rod. The other guy can fully concentrate on shooting. So the shooting ends up very good, so you can edit a really beautiful clip, and everyone will be amazed by the Norwegian beaches, and the light, the rocks, by how fantastic fly fishing can look. So find a friend who does not fish, you’ll get much better videos. And then, you can ruin everything with R&B, but that’s not compulsory.

Patagonia in 8K

Of course it’s better if you have a 4K screen, but 8K!! This film is shot in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina with a 645 Pentax camera, a medium format, (43,8 X 32,8 compared to a full frame 24 X 36) so basicaly you’re getting the best. and there it is for your eyes. (full screnn compulsory)

The Super Salmon

Gimme some juice! Well, do we really need electricity made from dams ? I know a lot of you will say, we don’t want coal nor nuclear plants, but there are other options, windmills, solar farms, they do less damage than dams, only to the eye. Dams ar put down everywhere else but “they” want to buid one , of the biggest kind, on the Susitna River. Let’s do everything we can to keep the salmon free, the super salmon, the one that has been discovered in that same river, one of a kind. And the question is: what is best for Alaska? Film is out in January.

This Is Fly #54

54, sounds like paaaaarty and disco dancing in the eighties! But there is much more than that in the latest This Is Fly issue! there is love, a love that’ll neverrrr stop, the love of fly fishing! A love that’ll never die, I tell you, just check this, love of fishing is pouring from your screen, it goes straight to your soul, you cannot escape it, you cannot avoid it, it’s grabbing your heart and will never let it go. You better accept it, there is no reason to fight it. Just enjoy reading issue 54, it’ll take you from big nassive trout to the biggest poons on the fly, you just want to read it, youu need love and love it is ! Long Live This Is Fly!This Is FLy 54


When I go to this mountain, this mountain is my home ! We all have a secret place, an hidden garden where we like to go with our dearest friends, wher we feel no boundaries, where we feel totally free, where we really are who we are. This is what this film made me think about. Mine is somewhere in Northern Patagonia, a place far from every civilisation, only surrounded by rivers. Where is yours?  Send us a picture on Mouchinx, the Facebook page made for and by our readers.

An imaginary forest

This is a visual tale by Pascal Gaubert about our beloved woods, how they live, how they shelter a magic that no fly fisherman is immune to. Because even with the leaves ruining an otherwise perfect drift, with all the flies lost to overhanging branches, with all the stumbling on treacherous roots, in these old streams in the woods lie a powerful enchantment that I cannot find anywhere else. The faeries live there.

Huckberry, The North

You won the lottery? You sold your Apple shares? You grand father gave you some doe? You work hard and are well paid? Why don’t you go spend your money where you can get some real good stuff? Huckberry is the place! And if once you’ve bought all the gear you need (cheaper than the retail price…) ujst go outside and play! Go exploring The NorthHuckberry

Vala Arnadottir

Yes, we all know Vala Arnadottir, because she’s on Loop pictures and she is a fine fly fisher woman, but she is also a great photographer and writter. You want to follow her and know more about her fishing trips and the love for her  river, the famous Stora Laxa in Icelandd? Just follow her blog!Vala Arnadottir


You thought you were brave because sometime you see a snake while you’re fishing? Check this out, if you haen’t watched it yet, go visit the whole rattlesnake family, the parents, the kids, cousins, aunts, uncles, they’re all having a party!.Watch it ’til the end!

Il pescatori moderno (the modern angler)

At first I was asking myself where are they from?  Than by listening again I figured it out, it’s in Italian! HF Channel is an Italian channel on hunting and fishing, but unlike other channels of the same kind in Europe they have real cool movies and teasers, they managed to figure out that nowadays, the tweed jacket and cap, corduroy trousers fishing with a gilly is only a very very very small percentage of the fishing world. Basically, we’re hitting the same audience, you! Here’s two of their teasers, Irlande and since the pike season is on, Pikes in Denmark!

View from a Blue Moon

As our twin website Escapads says, we’ve all seen the new Star Wars teaser, but View from a Blue Moon is the film we want to watch, the teaser itself is a killer! The shots are amazing and the sound design is a lesson for all the filmakers to be…(yes, I’m talkig to you guys, the ones who always want to put medieval metal pop fake/classical music on fly fishing film like if a hurd of balck nights were to galop up the river!). Just watch it, you’ll get it.

Revive Journal : The Oregon Issue

Are you ready to be hit with a stick? The latest issue from Revive Journal The Oregon Issue is a bomb!  it’s got everyting we want to read about Oregon, about the steelhead, the brown trout, the beer, , the Northern West way of life, it has the best pictures you want ot look at, real pictures with real men and real stories… This Fall issue is the one you are going to be reading every page of it, and if it’s not enough, you’ll read it again ’cause it’s so darn good!


We love films from our friend Octave Zangs he shoots them in a very special way, he sets a very special feeling by the way he shoots. Here he takes us to the Clark Fork. Enjoy, this film is a beauty!