Wonderland! Our friends from Hooké have just released  probably one of the best Xmas gift you’ll have this year: a 20 minutes film on fihsing the Ungava bay! For now, here’s the trailer, but you can book your tickets to see it in full at the International Fly Fishing Film Fest if you are in Northern America, but if you are elsewhere, be patient. In the meantime Enjoy!


Water games from Ravel by Martha Argerich, on a fly fishing film dedicated to nature! That’s a change from drum/bass, hip hop, country, trip hop music that are always sticked to our favorite fishing films. If you really like Ravel, I recommend from pianist Hélène Grimaud, the amazing Adagio assai from Concerto in G Major. It might bring tears to your eyes it is so beautiful.


Our friend Norbert Renaud, famous pike fly tyer, is just coming back from Costa Rica. We believe he had some fun…


Here comes Peches Sportives #102, probably the only fishing magazine who really cares about the water the fish are swimming in… This issue is great, it’s giving us all the tips to practice “Street Fishing”, spinning or on the fly! A list of 100 spots in French cities, very useful. If you come over here, bring a rod in your bag!Peches Sportives  102


This film is bliss. Bliss because no one telling us what they do or what we should do. Bliss, because the music suites the film. Bliss because it’s summertime and that we freeze our balls off. Bliss because it’s so well shot you feel the water, you’re touching it. But PLEASE START AT 0:43!!!! You better skip theopening credits which are a real headache, (sorry for We Fish for Fun).


Luke Bannister’s films are like 19th centhury paintings to me, they evoque something romantic, beautifullly strong, and yet so fragile. I love his films, I hope to be able to watch many more. I cannot wait for the forecoming season!


Grey winter days, cold waters that could stop you to get to the river. How nice and comfortable would it be to stay home and read by the fireplace, but we are driven by something in us that makes get out watever the weather is, we are attracted to the waters, we cannot resist, rivers are like a magnet to us. We are powerless, we cannot resist we have to go fishing as if our lifes depend on it. This film is magnificent, and the soundtrack (No Longer by Josh Kramer) suites it to perfection. What it does to us? Makes us want to go fishing those graylings, no matter what!


Because we don’t always flyfish, because we enjoy seeing people beeing happy with what they do, because we beleive that life is a permanent improvment and that we always need to push the limits in wahtever we are doing. This is…impressive ! Cody Townsend, you rock!