The take

No comment, it’s awesome.  Click on the picture!!The take


Because life is not only 7X and caddis flies, because we take life as a whole and love every little part of it, because we want more than catching fish, because we love cycling, skiing and freedom, because the real Mouching attitude is giving all our best for everything we do. This film had to be on Le Mouching. Thanks guys.

Tagging tarpons

Are you free this August? Do you have a 12wt and know how to use it? Do you think that science an extra effort, and that there’s no way to achieve efficient protection of a species without a precise understanding of its behaviour? If you check for all these criteria and you’re loaded with cash, you’re just five grants away from the experience of a lifetime with top tarpon anglers in Belize (Adam Marton and Andy Mill, mind you), to catch and tag big specimens with satellite tracking devices. The expedition is organized by the Fieldworkers Club, and it’s gonna be a huge blast.

There’s a few seats left. Wait for me, I’m gonna rob a bank and I’m in!

Trout in a box

The best way to visit a country, for us fly fishermen, is to walk along the river and meet the locals. What about following  , back to Wales?  

In the late 60s my father gave me a stuffed trout in a glass case for my birthday. Then I was a mad keen coarse angler, and though my father didn’t know the difference, trout weren’t my quarry. But the gift proved prophetic, and I took up fly fishing in 1979. Now I live in California and chase trout in many lovel parts of the world. Read more…

That’s why we fish

All of it is there. All of it? Yes, all of it. There is no better film to remind us why we fish. Friendship, brotherhood, great outdoors, and that very peculiar feeling of freedom that one’s can feel when they fish, when you fish, when I fish. The soundtrack is a bliss, the images are beautiful. It’s an advertisemnt film or let’s say it’s a sponsored film, but nowadays, which film ins’t it? This one rocks!

Gutting the oceans

Mark Dimov is a photographer in New York. He sees his work as trying to raise awareness about the way the fishing industry is destroying fast the populations of every marketable species living in water. But it’s also very beautiful.

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Last call for Tight Loops!

Few hours remains to help our friends Chase and Aime (from Tight Loops) in their project! Do you remember? They kickstarted for a road/fishing trip on board a 1985 VW Westfalia, promising us to bring back –as they always did before!– some amazing videos and pictures. And at Le Mouching we love how they look the Road, the fly-fishing and how they find beauty in each of their sight. So go on everybody! Only couple coins missing…

And by the way my fisrt car at 18 was almost same as them, and today I really like to go on a road trip with them on board my ’73 Renault 4L…

Ohhh…you got to watch this, simplicity and beauty. My favourite!

Flat twin

Our Irish adventure is but a fine memory, the sharks are well protected by high winds and a rough sea, it’s back to city life and work-work-work. Last week I was exploring the Gorges du Tarn with the kids and now I dream about going back there to feel the winding road under the wheels of a cool bike, humming along with the raucous sound of a flat twin. Custom by Tim Harney.

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