White throated dipper

Rolf Nylinder is back with a little gem in his pocket: two minutes about this incredible little bird who swims as well as it flies. Nothing about fishing there, except what’s pulsating at its heart: our ability to marvel again and again at everything we see on the river.

A photographer at sea

Man fished for cod since long ago.

At Terre-Neuve first and Labrador first, then in Barents Sea. It was Basque people, or Portuguese or Scandinavian… almost all populations on the Atlantic coast have been fishing there. With some very small sailing boats, archaic boats. I even heard that some got there on rowing boats too!

Then came the Grand Terre-Neuvas ships. It was industrial revolution here in Europe and it was necessary to feed this entire expanding world. And cod fish fed us (the French brandade, the Portuguese bacalao, the British fish’n’chips etc.). During ’70 and ’80 cod fishing became industrial, it was the “huge fishing” and cod disappeared. Probably one of the Homo Sapiens characteristic way to do things. Close relation between Human and Fish. Now add Economy…

And what about Economy related to Human? So here is the story of a man, Arnold Corey, a photographer, who finally gave up his artistic profession to return to his first job: sea fisherman. With coldness, sometimes heartlessness but also simple purity, he brings us some pictures of his life on board ships he worked on or places he stopped.

But what about Fish? Corey caught some pictures of Human and Fish. Cod fish. Drastic decisions and regulations decided couple years ago now bring their effects, even if it is Time that does the work. Cod fish stock is re-building, we observe some new and abnormal migration flows, but Nature seems to start a slow expansion. The “huge cod fishing” is not anymore, fortunately. Human care more and more about what he puts in his everyday plate.  And sometimes he even legislates cleverly to protect stocks.

All this is part of what Corey shows us. A take on this world, another point of view of it. Not dramatic, not optimist. Simply beautiful, sometimes hard, sometimes poetic. Mix of lives, of Human and Fish. Have a look at his pictures, they are also just beautiful.

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Global warming

We all know, we are the first to know we are the first to witness the dramas of global warming and we are the first to take action and most of all we are the voices that have to shout so others join the action! Watch Cold Water.

Revive Journal Spring 2015

Here’s their latest issue! Revive Fly Fishing Journal, Spring issue, Of cours we love the Cuba trip to San Lazaro, who wouldn’t… but there is so much more, Pyramid Lake and glass with Cameron Mortenson, those enormous trout, pike that are diving you nuts their so addcitve, discovering brittain on the fly, fly tying with our friend Norbert Renaud, art with Ryan Sharpe and last but not least, Fly fishing is rad or how to fish with an attitude! Read it all, now!spring cover

Southern Culture On the Fly #15

This is what we have been waiting for, a taste of fresh water and a feeling of salt on our face! That’s about how I would explain SCOF, 172 pages of bliss, that’ll take you from trout to bonefish, carp to tarpon and pike to permit, with all the in-betweens, meaning: life on it’s own!  You read it and you feel right, you feel this magazine is made for you! SPecially for you. Just dive in, SCOF #15 is a bomb! scof

Matt Jones in Argentina

When we come back from our fishing trips, we usualy bring back hundreds of pictures, good ones or bad ones, then for our friends to watch them, since, for god’s sake, we’re not doing the “evening slideshow” anymore (do you remember how you could be held hostage watching boring pictures all evening with a firend telling you every details of his fishing trip?). Now, when you want to show your friends your fishing pix, you go on flkr, instgrm or fbk and you feed the web with even more pictures! We love Matt Jones, we love his pictures and here’s a nice way of showing us his trip to Patagonia, a sharp selection and an Issuu mag so you can watch them full screen. This is the future and it’s now. Click here to watch, or the picture below.Matt Jones Argentina


Le mouching, fly fishing, cyclisteEach time that I return from the bakery on my bike, my wife says: “My darling, it’s incredible, but each time you go for a ride on your bike, your little belly melts like margarine in the sun.

Last week, not only to give pleasure to my wife, but also to recover my musculature of “Mr. Ardeche 2008”, instead of my motorcycle, I grabbed my bike with the idea of jumping on it to go fishing.

A good ten miles of hills and valleys (especially hills is my impression!) and I finally arrived, exhausted, at the banks of MY river. Read more…

Spring Shopping

You don’t know Huckberry yet? First it’s an awesome blog, in many topics but always the kind we find intersting and fun, mainly orientated on the outdoor’s life but once you suscribed it also becomes an online store where you can find a selection (a wise selection) of gear at sale’s price! Check their spring selection for fly fishing! Just sign up.Huckberry