Crossroads. The best of both worlds. But at the end it’s all the same it’s about pleasure, a pleasure that the ones who don’t practice cannot understand but it’s all about pleasure. Whatever we do, we’re addicted to it and wether we cycle, ski, run, surf, climb or fish, we’re all looking for something having a hit being part of nature. Here’s the portrait of Alessandro Benussi, italian snowboard champion and fine fly fisher, at the crossroad of two passions.


We are all aware of it, we see it everyday, unless we never go out or don’t watch the news. Climate CHange is a threat. We all have to take action each of us at our level. And if you need to be reminded, here’s a film for us, fly fishers. A lot of important brands teamed up to warn us, it is that important that we all have to be unify in that fight against global warming.


Quite and peacefull, the beauty of the stills, the quietness of the river, the voice of Frazze, all of it making a very emotional film, something that touches, something we know, we’ve all been alone in the quiet of the river at fall, just being happy to be ourselves. A memory that makes us so happy, we want to go back to that river over and over.


Youth, freedom and happyness, what else do we need to have a great time? Ha! Rivers and fish! And where could we find that easily? In Austria, where seculed rivers are waiting for you if you are ready to make the effort to get to them, we’re not talking about the private hotel’s beats… This film is bringing sunshine to our hearts! These kids have the real Mouching spirit!

Music: Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero


Fancy fishng the Himalayas ? We all heard it’s great, plenty of trouts (when not poached…) our friends form Hi&Fly organize nice fly fishing trips there, but it’s not what we are about to show you. We’d love to take you on a bus joureny, on a very, very high road. The best is to watch this in the dark, full screen, and try to focus on the river below, you’ll get a nice idea of what the guys in the bus must be feeling!


The season is close to its end, we’re all starting to put our gear away for a few month, for the ones who cannot fish anymore, all we have left is to walk by the river, check the water, the fish, wildlife. Here’s a film from Kiklas Byström, a river from above, the Åre river, in Sweden.


Join our new Facebook Group, the “MOUCHINX”! Feel free to post whatever you believe is related to the famous Mouching Style! Invite your friends and be part of the party! The only requirement is the desire to enjoy fly fishing! Don’t hesitate to post pictures, every month we’ll choose the best one and the owner will receive a ‘Mouching T shirt”! Let’s start to play!Mouchinx


What is nice about brands with a little money is that they invest in communication, wether it’s the simple advertisment or being present and participating in topics they are involved in. Simms, for instance could have shot a film on their latest waders, a new shirt or their last cold protection jacket, instead they chose to be involved in the protection of Taïmen in Mongloia, smart move.  


Here’s a film that is going to lift everyone’s spirits! Of course the old coots will swoon because it’s not only about fly fishing, but it also includes skateboard! But what a fishing and what a skatebording! Those guys they go up the Sierra, hike for hours to that remote lake, a bunch of friends, the kind of bunch we like, carefree and yet determined! They hike up to that remote lake and its trout, but not ony, They also find a skatepark, THE skatepark ? I’ll let you watch and discover.  This film is cool as the air you breath in the mountains, the water you drink from the stream, and with  Old Crow Medecine ShowWagon Wheel as a soundtrack,  it’s going to lift you up! 


Fall, Salmon spawn, Steelheadn all of this is heaven and Todd Moen from Catch mag, catches it all with his camera, for you.

The best race with a Steelhead, ever!