Save Chuitna river

Will our need to dig for coal be stronger than our need to protect one of the finest river in Alaska, the Chuitna? Do we really need coal mines nowadays? So, if like us you are ready to raise your voice to protect all nature’s sanctuaries, it’s time to join This is enough, isn’t it? How many times do we have to stand to protect the last wild sanctuaries? From small dams in South West France to Major mines in Alaska we are only one voice! We are not against economical developpment, we want to protect what can be saved from geedy hands!

Two more weeks!

We can’t wait anymore, everynight i wake up dreaming I am fishing, I cannot bear the idea that the season is not open yet! I dream I am with my friends from Le Mouching, that we jump in a car, and to the melody of the songs we play we travel to the river, at last we are all together, we can laugh, dream, fish, eat, be together again. I cannot wait! Still two more weeks to go! And than I found this film.

Scale #16 is out!

Scale #16. If you prefer you can also read it in German it’s native language, but it’s also in English. I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned I’m staying in bed with my laptop, it’s sunday after all!Scale#16

Rise 2015 (France)

Rise BandoSo here it is, it’s coming sooner than you think, the ultimate party before the opening season, The Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival, France !  And since we are very generous and we love our readers, we are going to offer you 10 seats for every venue! But it doesn’t come that easy, you’ll have to work  for that… send your email adress with subject MOUCHING in the header… there: RISE FREE TICKET specify which town you want to be invited to! There are 10 free seats per town!

Iceland, old school

Iceland at the times when catch and release was not yet what you had to do. Great film!

Leave our rivers alone!

Just fight and support them. We don’t want to loose what is so precious. Your voice is one of the only ways to fight. We have to support this fight even if it’s not your bakyard river because as fly fishermen we have to stand to protect all the rivers of the world.

Peter A. Christensen, fly fishing legend

At Le Mouching we like to put our friends upfront, so to counterbalance with the previous post, here’s a legend of today’s new generation of fly fishers, let us introduce to you the famouse Peter Andreas Christensen! And here’s another proof of “the more facial hair you’ll grow the better angler you’ll be”. And if you don’t know who Peter is, check THIS out!

Ralph Moon, Fly fishing legend

Miles away from what fly fishing is today, Ralph moon who was not only a keen fly fisherman, great fly tyer but a fantastic rod builder. But after all, is nowadays fly fishing really very different than what it used to be? This great film was shot by Alan O’Connor for Western Fly Fishing Journal. Here’s a good tying lesson and an intersting view on bamboo rods. Ralph Moon’s favortie rivers were the Snake and the Henry’s Fork in Idaho.