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Good films don’t need us to write anything about them, they speak for themselves, specially when they are made to make you buy more stuff! But it’s always good to know where and how we spend our $€¥£!! In that field Patagonia leeds the way…

Blue river and a cause

First it’s a film. Fantastic colors slowly emerging out of the blue towards the light of the day, beautiful fisherman figures putting rods together in the cold morning stillness. You feel it, don’t you? That’s the mark of great images, this ability to take you somewhere that is at the same time new and also familiar. The big river, the chill, the friends and the ritual. Words and long silences. The long casts, again, again, again… The search for chrome.

And then there’s a message. There must be some sense of purpose associated to that much beauty. Hence the noble decision to try and do something to protect what’s really precious to us all: youth, and rivers. If you wish to help, nothing’s simpler: consider buying the beauiful wallets the Fly Fishing Collaborative proposes. Superb flies and craftsmanship, for a cause.

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Candide Thovex, full movie

We always like to treat you well because we beleive our readers deserve the best and some of you might not go fishing this week end. so as the ski season is ending soon, here’s to make you happpy for at least an hour (but the feeling of happyness will last much longer!). So for you here’s Few Words, a Candide Thovex film, full length. Please can you shoot fly fishing films like this one?

Tarn River, France

Here we say le “Tarr” without saying the “N”, it makes the river more friendly, like a person, we respect him (Le Tarn is a He) because he brings us life with all the water he carries in our dry country but also we respect and fear him when he gets angry and brings too much water. From it’s spring, up in Lozére, to Le Pont de Monvert, he’s a gentle lively stream, than he becomes this strong river who opens in the famous canyon “les Gorges du Tarn“, than arriving after at Millau, Aveyron, he slows then and becomes majestuous, land of pikes, large mouth and other white fish up to the river Garonne.  But the Tarn we see here is the one from my childhood, where I grew up, he gave me my first fish as a kid, then my first trout, my first adventures as a teenager, when from Millau we would drive up it’s “Gorges” (canyon) to St Enimie,  where we would canoe down, stopping only to fish, and climb the cliffs. Teenage memories of village parties in the summer when we would go to the balls and chat up the girls from the campings… Tarn I love you so much! Thank you Pascal Gaubert, for making this film.

Catch and release

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Today on the web I saw a picture of a famous french angler proudly showing his catch on opening day, in France, we are trying to protect our rivers since we’ve been poaching in them for over 2000 years, they need a little attention and the fish in them need a little love. We are not against picking one fish from time to time but the picture I saw and the list of comments against catch and release that were on that post just made me feel bad how disrespectful of nature some anglers can be. So since we try to practice catch & release the more we can and only take fish when we need to feedourselves, we thought, at Le Mouching that we would use the following film by Fish & Game New Zealand to show you how to treat a fish you want to release. We believe No Kill is the way.

The Old-Time Small Shops of Paris

Paris, THE Paris you dream of; the one with the rare and unique little shops fillled with miscellania and memories, miles away from the mainstream and big box stores we see the world over. Within the pages of these books lays the soul of Paris. Discover special tiny places that have managed to survive through decades and in the culture of international retail chains. While other merchants were upgrading, finding ways to turn the old into new, these gems have remained the same for in some cases, centuries. And wouldn’t you know that among those boutiques there are three of our favorite stores here at Le Mouching!

Of course there is the venerable Maison de la Mouche, home-base for Parisians fly fishers, where we go as often as we can to get our gear or when we are looking for the fly tying material we need to tie our best streamer. We love the old fashion possibility to actually try and buy and we’d happily test their rods across the street on the banks of the Seine before handing over our credit card. The book also features Le Moulin de la Vierge, our go-to bakery with it’s incomparable bread and some of the best pasrties in town. Last but not least, A la ville de Rodez, where you can find and buy all the best from our dear Aveyron, the spiritual home of Le Mouching. Here you’ll find saucisse sèche, saucisson, tripoux, jambon cru and all of the extraordinary, meaty delicacies from the area of Rodez.  So if you ever come to Paris, Paris – Boutiques d’antan et de toujours is the book you need to have if you want to shop like a real Parisian, even more than a Parisian, un vrai parisien ! And guess what? This fantastic book is in French AND English! Written by Barbara Kamir – Pictures by Christian Sarramon.

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Waters flowing across the boundary shall not be polluted on either side to the injury of health or property on the other. 1909 Treaty, USA + CANADA

Please take action

Kick plastic

Fantastic film by Costa del Mar  to make us stop using plastic and take care of our planet. Nothing more to say, it’s all in the film but you still can check this.