You want to catch BIG trout? They sure like streamers… Here’s your Sunday film, Obsession by , a season catching big trout in Oregon. Fifteen minutes of happyness.


There it is, a few feet away, you don’t want to scare that fish, it a BIG fish, you’ve been hicking hours, you are tensed, you need a steady arm, your feelings, all that goes through your mind, should not interfere. Ok, but, do you have the right fly, what about all the things you don’t control?  Dave and Amelia Jensen proove us once more that the joy of fly fishing is something so hard to explain to the non fisher, what we really feel is indiscriptable.


At last! Youguys remember when we talked about Waypointslatest COnfluence’s film? Well, now you can watch it on your screen through Vimeo on Demand! I’m sorry I can’t write anything else, I have a film to watch! Waypoints


When it comes down to energetic editing and footage to make us want to be by the river NOW, Outsmarting Fish comes a long!


At Le Mouching, we’re not very fan of fly fishing made with a GoPro ON the fisherman, it moves to much, it shakes, it makes us dizzy… but from time to time we post one, and we chose this one for the dialogs and because it’s always nice to see a Fiberglass rod working, You see how differently you fight the fish than with a carbon rod? It’s a real pleasure to watch. But please all of GoPro users, think about us when you shoot… we like handheld or steady camera, it prevents us from beeing sick on our keyboard! Nice rod indeed!


Crossroads. The best of both worlds. But at the end it’s all the same it’s about pleasure, a pleasure that the ones who don’t practice cannot understand but it’s all about pleasure. Whatever we do, we’re addicted to it and wether we cycle, ski, run, surf, climb or fish, we’re all looking for something having a hit being part of nature. Here’s the portrait of Alessandro Benussi, italian snowboard champion and fine fly fisher, at the crossroad of two passions.


Dave Jensen is filming his wife Amelia, they are from Alberta, but they go to New Zealand 2/3 month every year. At the begining we don’t really see the trout, but then you notice it’s there, going way out to eat… than there is the cast… the drift… and the strike! And the fisght! This is so nice, all the best action of fly fishing is in that short video and for once we don’t have a bearded lumberjack fishing… Great film!


When a new brand of sunglasses comes on the market we’re all over it, specially if this brand is backed up by Zeiss lenses! Zeiss lenses, yes by Carl Zeiss, the same brand that does the fantastic lenses… So they are launching their own brand for fishing glasses. And knowing the quality of their lenses it might be a major change in the fishing sunglasses world. A little competion is always good for the customer. There are two models of glasses : Premium Series and Titanium Series. Feel free to check Lenz Optics website and choose which one will suit you best, the Premium or the Titanium !

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