Chilian Patagonia

Chilean Patagonia, way down South, where the beauty of the outdoors is breathtaking, where you have the feeling that you are so small regarding nature, that nature is overwhelming, where moutains are covered with everlasting snow, that lakes and rivers are filled with thousands of trouts, where you feel part of nature. Aitue. So water stay clean. Watch the entire film, 40 minutes of bliss.

Good Karma

Our friend Stephan Dombaj from the Fly Fishing Nation, was fishing for big poons in the Costa Rican  mangrove… You don’t always come accross the expected, what is on your way is to check how you react and if you do the right move, as in a video game you’ll get extra points, Stéphan took the right action and got credited with GOOD karma!  

Stay warm

We all have special layers that we bought for the price of gold, from major outdoor brands, made form merino wool or super technical threads. And when I say price of gold, I am sometimes even under what you are paying for to stay warm. What about if salvation came from the East? Japan is not a warm country , not in the Northern islands anyway, so when it comes to keep a body warm they know what they are talking about. And they like style, they like to drees up with a special  je ne sais quoi which makes their gear special. So if you want to stay warm and still have some $ to spend in other things, we strongly recommend you consider the Heattech gear from Uniqlo. They are awesome. Remember that they usually fit smaller than US sizes… We like the Darth Vador one very much! We really like the Darth Vader one!

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Hold tight, Bro

Our friend Louis Cahill, the photograph and writer who created Gink and Gasoline, is going through very hard times right now. G&G is by far one of the best places of the whole internet to read about fly fishing, Louis gave us all so much ideas to ponder, so much beauty to look at, I think now is the time to go there and give back a tiny little piece of that in the coms. Probably it won’t help much, but at least we can say he’s important to us.

Here’s the pic he chose to illustrate this sad sad story. Hold tight, Louis…cahill DSF6850-Edit

Thanksgiving groove

Dancefloor2We are so grateful to have you ,to be able to share what we love with you. Here’s a perfect soundtrack to rock you turkey and jive your pumpkin pie! This mixtape Standards, Versions & Revamps Vol.13 – 1972  is awesome, and of course it had to start with the amaazing version of Rollling Stones version by  Maxayn - You Can’t Always Get What You Want! Isn’t fly fishing like that? And it goes on and on for nearly 60 minutes of bliss! Turn the sound up and be grateful!  DOWNLOADAt Le Mouching, we strongly recommend you suscribe to Paris DJ podcasts.


Tracklisting :

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Ascension Bay, bonefish

You better turn the sound up and watch this film on full screen, this film is maybe the film of the month, beautiful and powerfull, the sound is perfect, listen to the choppy waves against the boat, that unic sound every salt water fly fishier knows, you forget about it, and than you hear it again and it brings back memories. Memories of hot sun beating you down and it reminds you the very peculiar state we’re in when we are fishing, we are hunting. This film is a beauty, I warn you. Once it’s over, you’ll want more.

Cool Hand Luke

And then Luke escaped from his jailers.

paul newman fishing

Forza Italia

You like Italian food? Do you ever thought about going fishing in Italy? We always think of Italy as a country to go visit for Florence, Tuscani, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Venice and so on, but what about the moutains, the Dolomites, the Alpes, Northen and Southern, have you ever thought of bringing a rod and than go cry in front of a Caravaggio. You need a proof that fishing in Italy is amazing, just watch.

Son of a Fish!

It’s deep down in us, we cannot fight it or go against it! We’re doomed, our whole life is about fishing! But this comes with a bunch of friends, happy days and a bucket of fishing trips! Check out this film from Delta Trout Force,: Christmas Island, Colorado, Baja California, and Wyoming, where there is fish, there is happiness.

Fishing from a Coracle

It’s been a long time a very mong time since I haven’t seen a Coracle. At first I saw them in Irak long, lon g long ago, they were used on river Euphrates where they were called Kuffa, made out of rush and animal skin, than it was used in French brittany, and it has the same name as in English, Coracle, but I never thaught as it’s shown here on the river Dee (Wales), this looks like a differnt kind of fishing that we know, much more fun, spinns around in the rapids if you don’t control it well, alnd much mmore fun than a pontoon! So let’s find some rush and a few animal skins and let’s build a Coracle!

Tough week

We usualy don’t talk too much about us, as I said once, but this week has been pretty difficult at Le Mouching, at the office everyone tried its best, but we were hurt, and we didn’t really feel like having fun and write about stupid things, we did our best. Our thoughts were to our neighborhood, to this part of Paris where we, our kids our friends, hang out, to Le Bataclan where we spent our youth, to the guys we knew who got shot as there were walking in the concert, to Suzon who went to see Eagles of Death Metal for her 21rst and last birthday. It’s the youth of Paris that has been targeted, a soccer game, bar and restaurants, a concert. But we are going to keep on doing what we do best, enjoy life and have fun. I just feel the urge to get out of Paris, I feel the need to wak in the woods, to walk by the river, to smell the water, I need to feel that water between my fingers, to cast at trout and be focused, to forget everything. I need the waters to heal me, we all do. That’s why I share this film with you. Peace.

Fly Fishing Show @ Paris

You’re around Paris in January? Come over to the Fly Fishing Show will be held South of Paris at about 50 km. We’ll be there, waiting for you, there also will be plenty of fly fishing shops showing the latest gear, there will be some travel agents, and much more!fly-show

Cuba Skate

Habana! Yeah I know a lot of you are looking at the Island and saying to yourselves soon, soon will be able to go ! But please, please don’t go empty handed! Just think of your youth, just think about everything you’re able to get or to have, how easy it is to wal down the mall and be fussy about a pair of sneakers, , how easy it is for you, for us to get a cap, a T shirt we like, a board. how easy it is just to take your board and go to the skatepark and have fun with your friends, how easy it is to take a long board and use it to go from one place to the other. There, it’s not the same. When you get 15$ a month how do you want to buy a board in a shop that doesn’t even exist? How do you want to get the basic, new wheels, new trucks… there are no shop, everything has to come from us, the “Europeans” or the Canadians and nest you, the Americans. So please if you ever come to Cuba, just remember that in Havana, if you go to Calle 23 y G, you might find some skateboraders who will appreciate even an old borad. ANd this goes for everything. What I do when I go to Cuba, I give everything away, they have nothing, we can buy everything back once we’re home.


In addition to his support mail, we received this film from Henrik Malmland, fishing in Norrbyströmmen, dark and beautiful, with the amazing voice of Daniel Norgren, it brings peace to our hearts. Soon, soon, we’ll all be fishing again! Let winter go by. Thank you Henrik.