Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream

Because life is always about getting the most adventurous fun out of it! Now, we can obviously go to the flats with our bikes!

A carp with no name

It’s unreal, the water is almost like dayglow, a yellow that’s almost like lime colour and the carp are massive, this is the ultimate film for summer fishing, unless you’re high up in the mountains and there is water in your rivers. Is carp, barbel, bass and pike the future of flyfishing? Unless you can afford to go fishing in exquisit places, the global warming is hitting strong on the  trout and salmon family!

Mark Mahoney, tatoo artist.

If you’re getting a tatoo, you might as well have it done by the best! Like Johnny does. A film as beautiful as a tatoo.

Summer’s mixtape: LeFto

summer 15 specialHot, hot as hot summer night, when you are staring at the skies and shooting stars are flying like dry flies at the end of a line. This mixtape from our friend LeFto is probably the hottest thing you’ll listen to this summer, not a dancing mixtape but the perfect love soundtrack! Just for you to know it’s playing non stop since it’s out. To listen to this precious jewel it’s HERE and to donwload it to play it on your Hi Fidelity system it’s THERE!

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Dry or die!

How deep is your love for dry fly? How far are you ready to go?

We’ve got mail

Sometimes a friend takes the time to write us a letter. It’s always a pleasure to read from you, but this one is really special. It’s so well written I had to translate it and share it with you. This is our dope, the very reason we do all this. Thank you, Nico. You made our day.

Heya le Mouching, 

for all this, I sort of blame you, you know? For Friday’s car, full of not that much, that zooms towards the Aubrac, even if it wasn’t the plan at all. 

For the fishing license, bought in a junk joint in Aumont-Aubrac and ten minutes later wetting my feet in the Rimeize, even if it was too warm to fish a dry on it. A phone call at Remise, just a hair short of sunstroke, to ask if by any chance they wouldn’t have a room left. And you know it well, le Mouching : Bes_recoules_d'aubraca cool beer on Remise’s terrace, just to show the heatwave who’s the boss. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  Read more…


Roger Riddle - Over doHere’s to dance the summer night away! A little gift from our friend Roger Riddle, specialy made for the hot summer nights, wether you’re dancing under the stars or just chilling out, Roger has got a special mix for you. Here at Le Mouching, we are getting all the single ladies to join us and dance’til down! To listen, just go THERE  and to download, once again, use THIS!

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Summer carpin

Here’s to all of us who thought that fly fishing was only in crystal clear water with wild trout jumping on sunset with a view of the wilderness in the background! Here’s to all of us who just want to have fun, because fly fihsing is about having fun, at least that’s how we see it at Le Mouching! So if you are not in the Rockies or Scandinavia if you have an urge to flyfish, I’m sure there is a canal, a lake, a marsh , a pound whatever water you’ll find with a carp waiting for you! Carp Rules ! Kameron Brown, you rock!

Story goes……. packed my van, grabbed my dog Koa, picked up my bro, and headed out on a 60 day road trip around AMERICA. Here is a stop we made in Louisiana that just about blew our minds….. I fished with an Orvis 3wt

Filled our bellies with BOUDIN and beer just shortly after…… and smelled like poo. I love America.