Free the Snake

Four dams, four dams we need to take down so the Snake river goes back to life, please help.


Get your flies ready! We’ve been fishing in Cuba for over 15 years… We can help you out. We are neighbors, now we can be friends.

Revive Journal, Page 20


Some of you might call it “porn”, some might say, there is too many fish but as far as we are concerned, we find this film beautifuly strong and with the heatwave that’s hiting western Europe, there is but one thing that comes to my mind: “I want to be in that river”! Doesn’t it appeal to you? Don’t you want too feel the water around you? Spring fly fishing is the best!


All of our saltwater fly fishing readers will understand what I am talking about and even the others! You’re all aroused, aren’t you? That’s what tailing does to me!

Bye Bye Eddy

Eddy Louis, for all the jazz fans, you know who we are talking about, for all the others, we just want to let you know that today we’ve lost one of the best jazz organ players. Eddy Louis was first spotted in the heart of the beat of Saint Germain de Prés in the mid sixties in the swinging Paris, home of jazz musicians from all around the world, mainly because there was no segregation and freedom was within reach. So Eddy strated with Les Doubles Six, the famous a singer’s french band who would make all the jazz standards, theirs! Than Eddy played with all the greatest such as in this peace, Dum Dum, with Stan Getz, René Thomas and Bernard Lubat. Later he became an icon for all the jazz scene of the 70′s leading the way in a more funky/new orleans style. Bye bye Eddy.

Chili Klaus

Chili KlausHave you ever heard about Chili Klaus? He’s a Danish super gourmet, and he is specialized in chili peppers, his thing is not to eat chilis on his own, but to share the fantastic adventure of eating chilis with his friends and film the whole scene! You thought it was hot today? Check those videos from Chili Klaus, first you’ll see Klaus  sharing a chili, always the world’s hottest one with his friend Truls Svendsen, check what happens! Than he is sharing the hottest chili pepper on earth with singer Michael Charoe who tries to sing “My Way” as Klaus plays  the piano. And last, but not least, the whole Danish National Chamber Orchestra with soloist Erik Heide, conducted by CHili Klaus himself, playing Jacob Gade”s Tango Jalousie, well trying to play! So you thought Denmark had only seatrout and you thought the first heatwave was hot? WHat about trying to eat the hottest chili pepper yourself ?


Here’s a new webpage that all of us is going to be checking daily, or at least everytime something is posted! Escapads is an international website about adventure based in France, wether you are a surfer, hiker, skiier, cyclist, trekker, fly fisher, in two words; an outdoor’s man, Escapads is made for you! It has the best of all the good stories from the best dedicated and it as also a store where you can get, simply the best! Chesk it out, you’ll be hooked!

One second

Keeping our time measurement systems in line with nature is a troublesome endeavour. Since the Gregorian times, we have leap days, but now we know a little more about how the cosmic machine goes around here, we also need to cope with gravitational delays on the Earth’s rotation. Tha’ts why tomorrow, June 30, the last hour of the day will be 3601 seconds long. That’s right, folks, we get a free extra second to live. Isn’t that amazing? You’ve got until then to figure out how you plan to live it. I know mine will involve friends, good music and probably some single malt. What will you do with yours?LeapSecond01