You gotta toothbrush? We’re goin’ fishing!

“You gotta toothbrush? We’re goin’ fishin’! You hear that Laurent? We’re goin’ fishin’!”

This is almost what I said to Laurent this morning from Le Mouching headquarters. He’s lost somewhere in Picardie, waiting for his flight…


Sad day

We are sorry to inform you that the famous Norwegian Vak Magazine, does not exist anymore, after having shown us fantastic pictures and a taste of exotism for those who do not speak a word of Norwegian. Thank you dear Vak to have given us some fishing dreams, we are going to miss you. Vak

Le Mouching in Bahamas

Almost packed… of course I’m bringing too much gear! But I want to try to catch all the species we’re going to come accross… from bonefish to shark… So I need the right rods and lines. We found out that there is an internet connection where we’ll be, so stay tuned starting this Sathurday, we’ll have a daily update! in the meantime, I’m still packing… we’ll be in Crooked Island, Bahams for a week. If you are around, come have a drink!packing gear

To go fishing, soon…

During last winter, in the cold, we anticipated much those trips in the sunny days, when the warmth is back.

Then, held by music, fantasizing on a map an unknown river, a place to fish, we indulged in hopes and dreams. I remember how exciting it was to build first 9′ – 9wt rod. I was already there!  Up on the bench of the boat! Casting my fly everywhere, all the time!

Today the Mouching headquarters are buzzing; everybody is preparing something, checking travel details or waders, sharing wisdom about flies, tie it in yellow… and big! –Oh come on…that will be fine –Yeah ,well done this one, little bit strange but it will not spook pikes I guess.

Remind me to tie emerging March Browns, do not focus on May flies…

Have to re-think all the small thing, to select and to organize flies in boxes, and not to forget anything this time…Well…we already succeed without that but…but. Anyway, to mind every small thing is a part of the trip and it will be all fine certainly, you will see.

Tomorrow it will be a day less to wait and this is good. It is good because next saturday Laurent and I are flying to Ireland…

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Thight Loop, kickstarter

You remember Tight Loop? Of course you do, they offered us some of the best short films on fly fishing the East Coast. But this time, we’re going to help them to make something bigger, we are all going to throw in a coin so they can make their documentary, a road movie, going fishing in Montana driving a Volswagen Transporter from Main… Support their project and join Kickstarter! Click on the picture below, they’l explain that to you much better than we’ll ever do!Tight Loop Kickstarter

Mountain lake

You’v got to do what you’ve got to do! Are you ready to do a little hike to catch a fish? Are you ready to embrace the beauty of the Rockies in Alberta? This film summs up all the passion we can have when we are fishing, beyond bad weather, beyond tireness…to any length, for that fish! Are your legs OK? Jay Jones aka The Humblefisherman is taking you up there, to that lake up in the moutains, get ready to hike! What I really like about all of Jay Jones films is the music, this time it’s Robin Jackson “Its that time of night again”

Finnish Spring

When you’ve been spending all of winter under the snow, and in the night, when the first rays of sunshine warm up the water, that the trout are having a fiest on the first spring hacth, you know you are touching happiness!

The Dirty South

Any film with Gramatik Soundtrack is automaticaly a great film, but this, one…is just more than great, it’s awesome! All the southern fishing is there, you can feel the heat, you can feel the air, you can feel the fish, the picture is great, the editing perfect and the soundtrack.. the Gramatik we’ve never get enough of it!

Music: Gramatik, In the hood.