And this is Xmas… Are you ready to cry? Are you ready to watch films so beautiful they’ll make you want to go fishing instantly? Well, get ready for the International Fly Fishing Festival 2015 aka IF4.2015. So after Marc Crapo’s Bermuda Love Triangle, here are some goodies! If you have the luke to be close to a theatre where it’s scheduled, book now!

“Distracted”: By Western Waters Media

“Recapture”: By Mike Percelli

“Sensei”: By Vantage Point Media House and Fly Fusion Films


What? Blow my jacket with air? The new jacket from Field & Fish is really something, don’t worry about goose or duck plucking, there’s only polyesther and elastane, all you have to add to be warmer is your breath! We all know air is the best insulation, it was just never used in gear… we all wear down jackets, sheepskin… but air ? A very smart move from Field & Fish with their Air Thermal Jacket, watch out for the thorns… a whole test coming up, but definatly a Xmas present. Less than 150$. Order it on their french website, the english version is still under constuction.

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Our friend Marc Crapo has been silent for a long time, this is what he was up to ! Bermuda Love Triangle! Full movie soon… 5did you notice the shirt Marc is wearing in the interview?)


The best gift for all smokers, that is now going to be a must! I have one that I have been carrying round the world on any fishing trip always filled with Partagas 898, or Punch de Punch, sometimes Partagas D4 and Romeo y Julietta Chuchills. There is always a reason to light one, the main one is the taste and the pleasure, the second might be to celebrate! But soon, you’re going to ba able to load your humidor with Cuban cigars, personaly, I carry them with a Simms humidor! There is also one with Derek De Young painting, but my advise is get them if you can because they are not on Simms website anymore, does it means they will not sell them anymore? Some retailers still have some in stock!  Otherwise Sage is selling the same one in one colour but they are probabbly made in the same place, you can stash up to 6 cigars in the tube depending of the ones you smoke, the inside is in Cedar, and there is an humidicator on the top of the tube.

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SIFF stands for Surf & Inshore Fly Fishing, but it’s Peter Laurelli’s films, they are awesome! They probably are what is the best of SUP and other floating devices that allows him to catch his favorite species, any species in the atter. We cannot wait for the full film coming out in February!


Unbeleivable yesterday, the door is opening! I have been traveling to Cuba since 1992, and been fishing every year since 2001… But it’ll never be the same again, although every year was different, starting today, it will never ever be the same! But for the fly fishermen who had the luck to go the Cuban flats, a part of us is afraid, the island by being cut from a major part of the salt water fly fishers, what is going to happen? Are the prices going to go way up as it was one of the cheapest destination for exotic fishing? Will the pressure be stronger? I’ve always heard “Cuba, it’s like FLorida, 50 years ago”… for how long, those amazing waters and the kindest people I had the luck to meet are only 3 hours away from Nw York, less than an hour from Miami. If you can, go now while it’s still cheap and chearful! Cuba


Fly fishing and music, maybe the best match, follow the recording  from Cousin Joe Two Shacks second album  , playing songs and fishing at the same time. What a better life and best inspiration to be in the woods, in a cabin by the river, between friends, and night fly fishing is a whole adventure! It takes a little while to load, but once it’s done, enjoy a nice film!


Encyclopédie des mouches qui pêchentFor once we are proud to show you something French about fly fishing, a must have, the Flies That Catch Fish Encyclopedia…and how to tye them! Written by one of the finest french fly fishermen and fly tyers Philippe Boisson and  Bernard Dalmas, of course it’s in french but it’ll be easy for anyone who’s sitting in front of a vise to understand, since it’s mainly pictures and the test is often about where and when to use those flies it’ll be pretty easy. Yes, it’s a Bible for all fly tyers and of the reasons you should get it is that it might not be translated and since it’s a small edition : get it while you can !