In France, public waters are now closed for trout fishing. Let’s celebrate one more season, gone and never to return, with our fantastical fall contest…

mouching photo contest sept 14

The constest theme is: show us how you finished your season, without showing fish!!

Here are THE RULES people:

1. send us your pics at before Saturday 27th.
2. No fish in the pics.
3. One pic by participant.

The  five best pics will win a couple of absurdly handsome and insanely desirable stickers. The best of them all will also win one of our new Mouching tee-shirts. That’s right, peeps. A free Tee. That’s how we roll the ball here. It’s fuckin’ madness, we know.

Now let the photographic juices flow.


Puma knives are always a must, no matter the size of the blade, no matter the handle, no matter if it’s a pocket knife or a bowie knive, their blades rule! German made, what did you expect? But from all their knives, one caught our eye: the Fishing Knife! So beutiful and slick and weird at the same time. “Fishing” knife doesn’t mean you cannot use it to peal potatoes or cut dry saussage… it has a special blade to clean the fish that can alos be used to descale the fish…which is not very “Catch & Release”… and it has a roman scale that allows you to weight things up to 2 kg! And that’s pretty cool. It gives this pen knife an awesome look and it’s makes it one of the knives you’de like to have, at home.

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Garbly Vinyl CombThis post is specialy made for our hiptser friends whom have been growing a beautiful beard and now don’t know what to do with it… Comb it! But to do so, if you’re a real hipster you’ll need the ultimate device, The Vinyl Comb, made out of a vinyl record to give your beard some groove. Of course, if you are not a hipster but still are wearing a beard, this can be a perfect tool too! And since we love the beard, here’s a little lesson to “how to comb it” by the famous Andy from canyouhandlebar.


Filson strikes again! Are they getting in a race against the Yeti Hopper with the portable coolers? We don’t know. All we know is that this one, The Soft Sided Cooler, looks pretty nefty and although we haven’t tried it yet, we already like it!

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Take  your mice to Alaska, they’ll definatly be usefull there ! We love that film! We love the soundtrack (Gramatik)! We love the fish! We love Aniak River!  We love everything, thaks to that film we are in a fantastic good mood!


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I want that car to go fly fishing! Specially made for Johnny Cash, of course it’s Black! What did you expect? Independent suspensions, full black leather, mint condition, this is Johnny Cash Rolls Royce, and it’s for sale. I’m sure you’ll take pleasure going fishing with it, I would if I could buy it! And if you winn the auction, be sure to make good use of the four speakers Voxson Stereo Tape player. Just wear black.  


I’m not very sure about what the video is supposed to mean, but the advice sounds pretty good to me.Screenshot from 2014-09-15 09:34:51


Boys, it’s time to say goodbye to the belles. It’s been nice to have them on the week ends, but we must go on with important other things, you’ll know when time comes. Meanwhile, I think it’s only fair to give our last miss Mouching a good kiss on some fleshy part of her delicious self. I’ll let you pick which one.



Here’s for your week end, for all of us who haven’t had the luck to go fishing in Russia, 15 minutes for us to dream about.  Big rainbows on dry!


Fishing the Monongahela, also called “the Mon” or even was called Mal Engueulé by the french in the 18th centhury, which means, Badly Contained but can also mean Badly Shouted at… So much for confusion, huh! But this pristine river beteween West Virginia and  Pennsylvania is the home of small brook trout and it’s worth all the efforts to be saved restored but mainly because the legend of the Monogahela says that the MAN-FISH lives in it! Thanks to TU for saving the trout AND the man-fish we don’t want them spilled with oil! Click on the picture !