Howler Brothers: Heed the Spring!

Woohooohooooo! Fresh as a dive in the morning water, hot as the sun on the beach, hype like the evening under stars, here comes the new Howler Brothers Spring collection! What could they do better than ask RC Cone to shoot a film? Here’s for your eyes.

Stickman 10″2″ #0

A rod specialy made for nymphing, long enough so you won’t drag, and so light it will take a 0wt… is that stealth or what? Stickman rods are designed by a European team of very qualified fly casters and rod designers, the kind of guys who will first make a 6wt that can hit 40m with a 5wt distance line, then actually pull such cast. And this is the kind of expertise you need if you want to make a rod that is both very long and super light. One thing is sure, we would really want to try those rods!

Meanwhile, we couldn’t resist to post the film… You can check it out on the Stickman’s website.

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We swear it’s an old picture, we haven’t used a barbed hook since the nineties…

Save Chuitna river

Will our need to dig for coal be stronger than our need to protect one of the finest river in Alaska, the Chuitna? Do we really need coal mines nowadays? So, if like us you are ready to raise your voice to protect all nature’s sanctuaries, it’s time to join This is enough, isn’t it? How many times do we have to stand to protect the last wild sanctuaries? From small dams in South West France to Major mines in Alaska we are only one voice! We are not against economical developpment, we want to protect what can be saved from geedy hands!

Two more weeks!

We can’t wait anymore, everynight i wake up dreaming I am fishing, I cannot bear the idea that the season is not open yet! I dream I am with my friends from Le Mouching, that we jump in a car, and to the melody of the songs we play we travel to the river, at last we are all together, we can laugh, dream, fish, eat, be together again. I cannot wait! Still two more weeks to go! And than I found this film.

Musica del Alma: Pana Soul

Mouching lunchBack from Paris Fly Fishing Show, my pockets were filled with killer flies, miles of fluocarbon, gloves to protect me from the sun, but most of all after having had spent sometimes with my buddies and the whole Mouching team my head was filled with dreams of big bones, permit, cudas and sharks, because that’s what it was all about, the next Mouching Trip to Crooked Island Bahamas! (We still have one seat left!). So, as soon as I was home I needed some good music to keep on dreaming and that’s when I founded this new mixtape from Alan Dumbar on Musica del Alma ! A 50 minutes mix of old 45′s from the late 60′s to the mid 70′s, hot like the sun burning your body, cool as the gentle breeze in the palms, perfect soundtrack for the Bahamas ! As usual, the mixtape is HERE  and the tool to download it is THEREPana-Soul-Cover-525x525

Tracklisting :  Read more…

Scale #16 is out!

Scale #16. If you prefer you can also read it in German it’s native language, but it’s also in English. I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned I’m staying in bed with my laptop, it’s sunday after all!Scale#16

Mr Spock

Leonard NimoyMr Spock