Owen River, California

We love Octave’s films, Last year we shared One Summer Swell, do you remember? We love the way he shoots what we love the most, nature and freedom. What is great with the Red Camera he’s usuing is that you can shoot on very high speed, which makes beautiful slow motion. Now he takes us to the Owen River, in California, we just want to go, we just want to be there, we just want to fish with them and have fun, that’s when you know that you are watching a good film, is when you feel within yourself what is happenning on the screen, and that’s what happening with  “The Deepest Valley”.

‘The Deepest Valley’ is the first fly fishing short film produced by Zangs Films. Follow the journey of Jason Fitzgibbon and Tyler Graff through the Owens River in California.

The Owens River flows for over 180 miles through the arid reaches of eastern California, gathering water from alpine peaks that reach above 14,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada and White mountains, as it meanders and cuts its way through one of the deepest valleys in the contiguous United States. Its cold, clear, spring-fed waters support innumerable plant and wildlife species as it courses through portions of the Great Basin desert, as well as incredibly robust populations of wild rainbow and brown trout. 

In addition to its undeniable ecological importance, the river also doubles as a lifeline for the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, and regularly provides up to half of the growing region’s water supply. Needless to say, the question of how to properly manage the beautiful, surreal landscape created by this river and the towering, snow-covered peaks that feed it, is a constant subject of controversy, particularly while in the midst of California’s ongoing exceptional drought. 

In the face of oncoming water shortages, and in an effort to help address this dilemma for ourselves — both as parties dependent on the water the river provides, and stewards of the land it traverses — we set out to experience and document just a slice of what this charismatic watercourse has to offer.

Behind the scenes and more info on our blog: zangsfilms.com/blog/2015/03/the-deepest-valley-behind-the-scenes

Scandinavian moutains

Our friends from Frontsidefly, and specialy Stefan Âgren, made a delicious film on fly fishing life, the life we all live, or the one we dream to live. Where ther is nothing but freedom and friends, a lot of love, some fish and sometimes luck too… What would I give to be there., now!

 Music : Tenousness by Andrew Bird

Chocolate Jesus

jesus-f-startEaster is coming faster than we think and our master of ceremony the venerable James Stewart from Palmwine Records, comes with a mixtape that is going to make all the easter bunnies want to dance like crazies! Hey hold on, its a cool mixtape, the kind you can listen to with all the lights off and dancing with your girlfriend, it’s hot! SOme say that listening to that mixtape makes you catch more fish! As usual to listen to Chocolate Jesus, it’s THAT WAY  and if you want to download it (higly recommanded) go THIS WAY! Ok I let you work this out, I’m climbing back on my desk to dance!


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Hey buddie, you like pike?

Here’s you daily dose of crazyness if you like pike, if you are a pike addict, this is for you! And since we are very generous, you’ll get double pleasure! Here’s Fishing for Big Pikes part 1 & 2 from Balck Bay ! And don’t come to complain we don’t treat you well!


Sticker spotting.moto sticker

The floods

Fishing after the flood is always tricky, fish love to go where they never have a chance to go before, maybe they are carried by the current, maybe they tell themselves hmmm, what’s there, what is this new territory? Or maybe they follow their appetite, looking for the worms coming out the earth in the field or just chasing the minnows who hav efound shelter in the lower waters. Sometimes, they even go for terrestials! Fishing the flood is always full of surprises, specialy if you use a big fat streamer…you never know what you’r gonna get!

Not just a blade

As my shoulder is so painful and doesn’t allow me to go fishing, I had to do something this week end to get busy. So I roamed the antic stores of the neighborhood. I saw a lot of useless ugly sh*t but then, in the dark of an old shop in Rodez, Aveyron, I saw something that was unusual. A rusty blade whith a greasy handle that was lying among other tools in an old box. I pulled it out, and like Excalibur, it felt immediately comfortable to my hand and made for me, it came out ot the box light as a feather but stong as an axe! I bought it for less than a pack of cigarettes and proudly brought it home. There it was on my kitchen table, a 11 inches blade that was begging me to bring it back to life. So I pulled out some soap and some scotch brite and worked on it. Slowly the rusty blade turned into a old silvery one. Of course it’s not perfect but it’s so beautiful. The handle. The handle was so greasy my wife could not handle it without a gringe… I took a cloth and cleaned it with hot water and soap, came out an black ebony handle, so beautiful and fitting so well in my hand. I used a old stone to sharpen it. When I tried it last night, I honestly never had tried such a cutting and sharp blade. It cut the “saucisson” like butter. This is a piece of art, it’s not just a knife.

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Big Bones

I’m looking out the window and everything is brown and grey, it’s going to rain and the forecast man said snow was coming in tomorrow… this winter is endless, I want heat and, sun, I want to get out the house just wearing a short and a shirt, I want to walk the flats, I want to be on the boat looking for the fins, for the shadows, I want to be looking for Bonefish. So this morning when I found this film from Dan Decibel, it was a gift. The bonefish are beautiful, so strong, and their colour! Grey and green at the same time, sprakling! I want to hold them, I want to cast for them, I want them. One month. Only one month and I’ll be there, fishing for bonefish, I cannot wait.