Rarely a flyfishing film shook us up like this one. So strong and yet so simple, the images are as dark as a dark beer, almost warm and yet so refreshing. This film is dark but it enlights us, I cannot help to watch it again and again. It’s probably one of the best films we’ve ever had the luck to watch. It’s a French film shot in Ireland and the guys who made it, 9p#5 Media, can really be proud because they made a film so beautiful it makes you want to cry. Thank you.  


Scale is out!!! The new issue is burning our eyes! The best magazine for spinning and fly fishing has just arrived in your screen to deliver your dosis of happyness. Don’t waist anymore time, just read itSCALE #14!


The Drake 9th FlyFishing VIdeo AwardsThe best of the best, la crème de la crème, that’s how we consider the films that are in The Drake FlyFishing Video Awards. We owe so much to The Drake that it is logical that you go on their website to spend sometimes watching all those films. Perfect for a Sunday and congratulations for Tom Bie and his friends to grant us the privilege to watch all those films. You should also suscribe because it’s just one of the best Fly Fishing paper mag!


Louis Cahill is one of our favorite photographers, we all know his pictures, we’ve seen them in various magazines and websites, but it’s always a pleasure to watch beauty over and over, the beauty of fly fishing which might not mean much for some but which is priceless to us ! Enjoy the selection and check his webpage.

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It’s always difficult to buy flies on the web, you see a picture and most of the time you have no idea what they really loook like untill you receive your package. Of course when you buy main brands such as Puglisi or Rainy’s you can’t go wrong! I love the idea of this European shop (Spain Portugal France) Fly & Flies to show us what they have in stock and what the flies look like!


Sometimes it’s hard for Hilda to stay focussed on the fishing. There’s so many temptations around the river…



Lewis river, in Labrador, way up North! It’s one of my friend Gordon Sim, favorite places to fish, he’s been lucky enough to go there several times. We showed you the trailer a few month ago, here’s the full version of the show! Enjoy! Salmon on dry fly is breathtaking.


Less than five months after Elwha dam was taken down, King Salmon have been spotted going upstream! It’s a first since 1913!! It’s so cool!

 “Return of the River” elwhafilm.com


Analog-Africa-Mix-For-PARIS-DJs-VOL-5It’s hot, so hot, you cannot help sweating and looking for a cool spot under the fan, the ice cold beers you’re drinking cannot beat that heat. Tomorrow you’re going to try the catch the fish of a lifetime. In the meatime, you’re in the club called New York in Cotonou, Benin, crossroad of all the best west african musics, the rythm is taking you to the dancefloor, will you still be able to go fishing tomrrow? It doesn’t matter, nothing matters, you’re happy, it’s hot and you’re happy! Right click to DOWNLOAD

From Paris Dj, with LOVE: 

Analog Africa Selection Vol.5 by Déni Shain & Samy Ben Redjeb

 Tracklisting : Read more…


In my book, the conditions can hardly be better: water but not too much, no wind, fine weather, a wild place in the woods, trouts rising to dry flies, that you can fish with really fine tackle, even glass of bamboo if you fancy it… The very essence of the art.