Old Gold: Hip boots?


Old Gold: digging in the crates of the basement, we sometimes find old nuggets we thought we should share…

Ralf loved to take Linda for long week-ends in the Sierra, just a couple of hours out of town. The road would first take them across vast plains where mexican workers were bending low, picking vegetables. Then it would get narrower as it climbed up to Yosemite. They would stop in a place aptly named Fish Camp, and would have dinner at Tenaya Lodge, usually a Sirloin steak thick as the wrist. High in the moutains, the air would be nice and fresh, and from the open window they would hear the noises coming up from the small lake, which would be a pleasant change from San Francisco’s honky tonk. The next day, after a good hour drive Read more…

This Is Fly #53

What’s best affter you had your summer holiday but to dive again in what is the crème de la crème of LE fly fishing? Yes! You got it right! This Is Fly, #53! The latest issue, how don’t know how to call it, The Fall Issue? The Summer’s end issue? Yes, I think the Summer’s end issue suites it really well, ther is still some fishing to do and fall isn( here yet! Anyway call it what you want, I’m reading it!

TIF #53

Skate to nowhere

And you thought that only city kids could skate? Check out this amazing film by Vitùc, filming his son Ivan, Southern Italy, Friul. How good is it to skate somewhere else than in busy streets or old warehouses? Total freedom.

90 Miles, the film

Now you can enjoy it! 9O Miles from World Angling is now available on vimeo on vod. Isn’t it the best time for all of you who haven’t had the chance to go to Cuba to see what it is really like to go fishing on this magical island, I’m pretty sure soon you’ll all be able to go. In the meantime enjoy that great film and if you want to go and fish the same locations, for your information, it has been shot in my favorite place in Cuba, Las Salinas de San Lazaro, not only the fishing is incredible but the guides arae awesome. You get there through Planet Fly Fishing, send them an email, they speak english! And if you want to read a full report on San Lazaro, it’s in this issue of Revive! But just to remind you that more than a film on fly fishing it is a film on how to protect what we have so our children would still be able to enjoy what we had.

Jazzcat Summer Sunset Mix

Summer Sunset mix by JazzcatWether you’re driving up to the river or that you’re home tying flies or even outside with your friends having a drink at sunset ,this is the mixtape you wnat to download and play loud, it’s all about summe feelings, joy and happiness! From cumbia to beats, from reggae to downtempo, you won’t resist, it’s the ultimate mix to hold on to  the summer a little longer! Here’s Jazzcat Summer Sunset mix, you will need this page to download it!

Tracklist Read more…

Highest road on earth, on a motorbike.

You’re not out fishing, you’re at the office but you still need some adventure? That’s for you than! Himalayan roadtrip, one of the best adventure we’ve ever posted.

Rainy days

When the heatwave has slammed us as if we were caught between an anvil an a hammer for the whole summer, we make the happy dance when the first drops are falling on us. Delightfull shower, promises of hatches. North Scandinavia with Die Sonntagsangler aka the sunday fisherman.

Glasses made of fishnet

You know how we care for our oceans, for the animals who live in them therefore we always have an eye on everything that sounds or looks helpfull to save or protect nature. And today we want to introduce you to one of the best kickstrter there is this week: Bureo. Bureo is known for skateboards made of fishnets but today Bureo is lauching a new product : Glasses made from recycled fishnets! Isn’t that a cool idea? Lenses are Karl Zeiss Polarized, nets are from coast of Chili, project is great!

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