Kick plastic

Fantastic film by Costa del Mar  to make us stop using plastic and take care of our planet. Nothing more to say, it’s all in the film but you still can check this.

Isla verde

Don’t look for it, it’s the “Ile Verte”, our friend Norbert Renaud’s fishing lodge in the County of Cavan, Ireland. Thats the country I’m preparing to go to with Simon (you’re going to hear from him quite a bit, watch this space) and install there a dentist consultory for our pikey friends. So, when I saw this little flick I thought “Boy, I want to be there like, now.

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Le mouching, fly fishing, guerreWe live in a period that some already call the “Tragedy of Modern History” and of that, my friends, there is no doubt.

The climate of violence with which we are confronted every day is without equal and borders on absolute horror.

Only a week ago, a convoy of “spoon” fishermen (coming from a country which prudence prevents me from naming) descended the banks of certain rivers and in front of everyone, infants included (who will remain traumatized all their lives!), fished and filled their baskets with an important number of Abelettes, Gardon and Chubs and even Trout (planted, but still…), innocent victims of these monsters. Read more…

Eat Sleep Fish #39

Taking your timeGrayling! Grayling! Grayling! That’s what you are going to get on the first pages of the new issue from Eat Sleep Fish the 39th issue, a pleasure for the eyes! You want to become a fishing guide? You think it’s the best job ever? K.Y Jelly ??? What a lubricant has to do with fly fishing? Find out and read all about it! And there’s much more than that, as usual, ’nuff said, go read it!

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Howler Brothers: Heed the Spring!

Woohooohooooo! Fresh as a dive in the morning water, hot as the sun on the beach, hype like the evening under stars, here comes the new Howler Brothers Spring collection! What could they do better than ask RC Cone to shoot a film? Here’s for your eyes.


When our friend Norbert Renaud gets to the vise, you can be sure a beauty is going to come out of it! Best Streamer’s film ever! Best music choice! Best streamer!

Stickman 10″2″ #0

A rod specialy made for nymphing, long enough so you won’t drag, and so light it will take a 0wt… is that stealth or what? Stickman rods are designed by a European team of very qualified fly casters and rod designers, the kind of guys who will first make a 6wt that can hit 40m with a 5wt distance line, then actually pull such cast. And this is the kind of expertise you need if you want to make a rod that is both very long and super light. One thing is sure, we would really want to try those rods!

Meanwhile, we couldn’t resist to post the film… You can check it out on the Stickman’s website.


That’s exactly what we need at the end of wintertime, a little sun, and if like us you are in Europe, a cheap destination for a lot of fun! Barbel on the fly, in the Spanish reservoirs, you approach them like a cat, you don’t want to be seeen, and you fish them like if they were bonefish! Seems to be a lotta fun!