Free the Snake

Four dams, four dams we need to take down so the Snake river goes back to life, please help.


If you’ve missed it in Catch Magazine, here’s to catch up! Fly fishing in Montana By Todd Moen, as usual great images…. don’t know about the soundtrack. That’s not what we would have picked, but it’s a grat film!


Hard to keep your feet on the ground when you hear that song from Bag Raiders, Sunlight, you just feel like dancing and dancing. At the beginning when there is that beat that seems to go like  fishiki fishiki fishiki, we loved it already then it feels like any other song we hear every night, but as it goes, with the pictures, you feel the music is taking over you, and at the end of the film when it stops, you just play it again, and again! Deliverance by Fishiki Fly Fishing.


Some of you might call it “porn”, some might say, there is too many fish but as far as we are concerned, we find this film beautifuly strong and with the heatwave that’s hiting western Europe, there is but one thing that comes to my mind: “I want to be in that river”! Doesn’t it appeal to you? Don’t you want too feel the water around you? Spring fly fishing is the best!

Chili Klaus

Chili KlausHave you ever heard about Chili Klaus? He’s a Danish super gourmet, and he is specialized in chili peppers, his thing is not to eat chilis on his own, but to share the fantastic adventure of eating chilis with his friends and film the whole scene! You thought it was hot today? Check those videos from Chili Klaus, first you’ll see Klaus  sharing a chili, always the world’s hottest one with his friend Truls Svendsen, check what happens! Than he is sharing the hottest chili pepper on earth with singer Michael Charoe who tries to sing “My Way” as Klaus plays  the piano. And last, but not least, the whole Danish National Chamber Orchestra with soloist Erik Heide, conducted by CHili Klaus himself, playing Jacob Gade”s Tango Jalousie, well trying to play! So you thought Denmark had only seatrout and you thought the first heatwave was hot? WHat about trying to eat the hottest chili pepper yourself ?

Derek Grzelewski

As fly fishermen, we all dream to go fishing in New Zealand once in our lifetime and for the ones who have already been there they dream to go back, it’s as simple as that. What is not simple or easy is to find the right guide, to know the right person who knows another person who knows a guide who  knows its rivers… Well that’s the tough life of fly fishing abroad. We might have a hint for you: Derek. Derek Grzelewski ! And here’s to know who he is.

Beulah in Baja

So here’s a Beulah commercial of some sort. Along with a good opportunity to listen to Police at their best (Shadows in the rain, from Zenyatta Mondatta), this otherwise rather uninteresting video demos what is in my view the next big thing in fly fishing: switch and double handed rods and casts are escaping their salmon/steelhead niche, and will take the lead in many other fishing situations. A double hander is a solution to consider every time you need to get your fly far and fast. Landing a streamer at 30m with a double hander is no work at all, that’s a huge plus when you fish the surf for instance.

Meadows Project, Spring

Here’s the trailer of what’s coming up in july, we don’t want ot miss it, it’s delicious, trivial, vernal, oragnic. Everything, everything that we love in this trailer, even a fish! Meadow Project.