High Pyrenees

And if fly fishing was much more than catching fish? And if fly fishing was about catching life? What about if everytime we go fly fishing for the beauty of it, for the amazing nature that is surrounding us, the rare friendship, the love, the gratitude of being able to witness so many beauties. What about if fly fishing on these terms would give us good karma? All I know is when I go fly fishing, I’m becoming a better person. And I’ve heard that by watching this film and coming to Le Mouching everyday, you’ll get extra good karma! Think about it. This is a great film and we wish we had many more French films as good as this one to offer you. We know there are more to come. Don’t be shy, send them over!

Spring Steelhead

When spring comes, it doesn’t rain on the Northern Pacific coast, it pours! The best to catch migratory fish is close to the ocean, when they still have the juice and ocean colour. There’s the story of a journey to catch early season Steelhead by Todd Moen from CatchMag

In the desert

Sometimes we complain it is too hot, but there are places where you get used to that heat, places where you learn to get up early for the morning rises and go fishing in the evening too because there are the only moments where you can do it. Because there is life, there is water and if there is water there is fish. This film has a fantastic pace, is it the Kodachrome colour of the picture ? Is it the music ? I couldnt tell what it is but it’s beautiful.

Mouching Shop

Sorry but we are closing down our Mouching shop to come back very soon with plenty of surprises! You want us to keep you posted? Write down your email address and be the first one to know what we’re up too!

Mouching Shop

Death of a steamer

When I opened the fly box it was kind of obvious. Darkish skies, tainted waters called for something not too light in shade but with lots of sparkle, and of course lots of life in the water. I wasn’t sure of the size of the local pike. Today, Mikael Cleary, who’s taking care of us in Corofin, advised us to try a little and remote lake that is practically never fished, the Ballyteige. So I didn’t want to start with the biggest guns, and there was a lot of wind this morning.

So I  chose this guy. And I fished ihm to death. Literally. After six pikes, this is what he looked like. He fought bravely, and died an honorable death.

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Huge thanks to Jerôme Servonnat, Mr. Pike on the fly, who tied and gave me this magnificent soldier and many others. You’re the boss.

Pike road

Cyril is right now somewhere between Georgia and the Bahamas, and I’m on the road to Ireland where Simon and I will be hunting pike for the next week in the Co Cavan. First stop on the track near Beauvais’ airport, for a night at my friend Ed’s. Tomorrow, we’ll try to catch some trouts before I take off for Shannon. As for now, I gathered my gear, and I pack some goodies for testing: a Stickman T8, and a Batson Rainshadow REVF 9010 I built last week. I can’t wait to meet the Irish pikes. Come on, follow us in our adventures, we’ll keep you posted every day.


Sad day

We are sorry to inform you that the famous Norwegian Vak Magazine, does not exist anymore, after having shown us fantastic pictures and a taste of exotism for those who do not speak a word of Norwegian. Thank you dear Vak to have given us some fishing dreams, we are going to miss you. Vak


John Voelker was a wise man, and wise men’s words should be listened to often. You’ve probably heard those already, but it’s good to get back to such an elegant confession about the sport. I’d give things to come up with something like I fish because only in the woods can I find solitude, without loneliness. And Aaron Peterson found quite a nice way to put images beneath the words. That’s our Friday special for you, folks: 2’13″ of visual poetry.