Mid May in Mid Wales

This is a gift! It’s bliss, it is probably the most intense films we have at Le Mouching, I am talking about Luke Bannister’ films. They are beautifuly shot, direct sound, no fuss, no hardcore editing, just the pleasure of fishing. We are not saying all films should be like that, we are saying we love his films after watching hours of music videos with big fish caught by screaming fishermen. This is gentle, gentle as mid Wales in May. This is closer to what we know than a lot of fly fishing films. Thank you Luke to remind us that we are only humans.

Marc Ribot, guide

If you want to go fishing in Eastern Pyrenees, or “Catalan Pyrenees”, we know one guide, Marc Ribot, we’ve been fishing with him for years, more than a guide, a friend and therefore you know you’ll get much more than just guiding. Catalan Pyrenees are amazing, weather you fish on the French part or the Catalan part (Spain). Marc is also a dedicated guide to Tenkara if you’re keen on that method or if you want to try it. Check his new website, and if you’re in that part of France or planning to go… just reach out, he’s one of the best! Oh, I forgot, one of Marc’ssecret is big chums on dry in august…Marc RIbot


Sight nymphing, the hardest, specially with a leader several feet long. You have to be able to spot the fish cast the nymph, make it sink naturally, wait it takes a current and that that current brings the nymph a way that looks so natural, the trout cannot resist. The only way you can know when to set the hook is by watching the trout’s behaviour or looking for its white mouth, wide open. You can also watch your leader or your connection. There are no strike indicator involved, this is hard core!  Lessons of frustration…the best cursing time you’ll ever have! Thanks François Goursaud and Marc Millieroux for that great film! And to have chosen one of our favourite tracks from Bonga: Mona ki ngi xica.

Hungry trout

Watch out, this is short, quick, and fulfilling! See how the twin brothers Brian and Colby Trow are having fun in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. If you were wondering why it’as always fun to go fihsing with a peer, it’s to be able to share moments like this one. You should get the whole film Blood Knot, you can rent it on Vimeo or buy it on iTunes. In the meantime you can watch this over and over:

Fishing, only fishing

When you’ve got it in your blood, when it takes everything you have, when nothing else matters, you’ve got to go fishing, nothing will stop you. Self portrait of Cal Clarke. How lucky is  he?

Trout in a box

The best way to visit a country, for us fly fishermen, is to walk along the river and meet the locals. What about following  , back to Wales?  

In the late 60s my father gave me a stuffed trout in a glass case for my birthday. Then I was a mad keen coarse angler, and though my father didn’t know the difference, trout weren’t my quarry. But the gift proved prophetic, and I took up fly fishing in 1979. Now I live in California and chase trout in many lovel parts of the world. Read more…

Lotte Aulom in Slovenia

What is better than Slovenia at early season? Cristal clear waters, the snow from the Alps has not melted yet, trout coming out of winter and looking for as much proteins as they can get, and the warmth of the mediterranean sun shining on the white limestone cliffs. It’s bliss. Add to the picture our friend Lotte Aulom filmed bby her boyfriend Rune Aasen-Vaksvang, and you’ve got a fantastic film, fantastic enaough because it triggersone thing in me: I’m getting a plane ticket asap and I’m going down to the Soća valley! 

That’s why we fish

All of it is there. All of it? Yes, all of it. There is no better film to remind us why we fish. Friendship, brotherhood, great outdoors, and that very peculiar feeling of freedom that one’s can feel when they fish, when you fish, when I fish. The soundtrack is a bliss, the images are beautiful. It’s an advertisemnt film or let’s say it’s a sponsored film, but nowadays, which film ins’t it? This one rocks!

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