Peacock Bass

How more exotic can it get, figure out, Peter Husted from Denmark joins Chris Helt in Florida to go fishing for Peacock bass, isn’t that international fly fishing friendship? We should all do the same kind of trips! When are you guys coming to fish with us in Europe? Guys we love internet and social medias, it binds people together!

Water’s Edge Media + Spooled Reels


This fish is an Obsession…

Pocket’s Tenkara

You can choose between the Mini Teton or the Mini Sawtooth, both of those are from Tenkara Rod Co, but they sure have someting special, you can carry thep in a pocket, they are both 10 inches long when collapsed and weight between 1.1 ounce and 1.9 ounce! This is the exact gear you want to have when you’re travelling light, all you need is a line and a few flies, and that too won’t take much space! So if you want to get one of those rods or even both of them, go support the kickstarter campaign and be the first one to take it to the river!

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I’m in love with Pike

This must be love! And sometimes love bites, hard. How bad do we love Pike when the trout season is over?  Another gift from Frontside Fly

Frying Pan River, Colorado

This film is perfect, we don’t care who’s in it, we hardly see their faces, it’s not important, waht we care for is the feeling we get from that film, so simple and yet filled with all we love, everything of a fly fihsing trip is in it.


Scotland as we rarely see it on a fly fishing film, promises of many experiences, your skin will be beatten by the winds, your hands might feel cold but the warmth of being with your friends will be stronger than any chill!

Going fishing

Plenty of rivers, fish, new people, new experiences, that’s what going fishing is all about!


Keepemwet! We don’t shout it loud enough. KEEPEMWET! I know it’s hard, it’s difficult, we all want to have a hero shot with that big fish we caught, and if I don’t show all of it, and hold it out of the water who’s gonna beleive me! Well, as my wife says about us fishermen It’s a bit like showing your dingdong shouting I’ve got the biggest…there’s a lot of show off there, and we’ve all done it and porobably will do it again, Ho, how we love to pull that fish out of the water. But now we’ll have to think about what we do, how we handle it, we have to be careful, respectful and caring for the fish! We have keep them in the water, and that doesn’t stop us to take a picture with our ENORMOUS fish!  So next time you catch a fish, keepit in the water as much as you can, it won’t stop you from taking an awesome picture. And like us, join Keepemwet! Keepemwet