#5wt fly line

Oh how we love a light rod, we love them so much it’s often the first rod we buy and we often stick to that number 5. But as time goes by, we tend to go for bigger fish and all of us hate heavy rods, unfortunatly we need them to cast those big streamers and to fight those big fish we’re always loooking for! Major brands are making a slight turn to make us use a litghter tackle, Loop recommends that we use their #11 instead of the usual #12 to fight Tarpon and how many times on the flats have we heard, I’d rather use a #6 or even #5 to catch those bones!… Well, there you go! Estrada Art presents The 5wt Chronicles! Bonefish, Tarpon, Redfish, Black Drum,  South Florida Peacock Bass, and Trophy Trout all on a #5wt rod! We love the idea, Here’s the trailer, we cannot wait to watch the entire film!

Rodtrip in Iceland

Our mates from Rodtrip went to Iceland to see if you can catch a trout over there. Answer is yes. And the scenery is amazing. Well done boys!

Old Gold: Hip boots?


Old Gold: digging in the crates of the basement, we sometimes find old nuggets we thought we should share…

Ralf loved to take Linda for long week-ends in the Sierra, just a couple of hours out of town. The road would first take them across vast plains where mexican workers were bending low, picking vegetables. Then it would get narrower as it climbed up to Yosemite. They would stop in a place aptly named Fish Camp, and would have dinner at Tenaya Lodge, usually a Sirloin steak thick as the wrist. High in the moutains, the air would be nice and fresh, and from the open window they would hear the noises coming up from the small lake, which would be a pleasant change from San Francisco’s honky tonk. The next day, after a good hour drive Read more…

This Is Fly #53

What’s best affter you had your summer holiday but to dive again in what is the crème de la crème of LE fly fishing? Yes! You got it right! This Is Fly, #53! The latest issue, how don’t know how to call it, The Fall Issue? The Summer’s end issue? Yes, I think the Summer’s end issue suites it really well, ther is still some fishing to do and fall isn( here yet! Anyway call it what you want, I’m reading it!

TIF #53

Kymi river

Wee hours of the morning, when everything is cold and foggy but the promises of big fish make you go to the river without thinking, specially if you wear Howler Bros gear…

The Chernobyl Ant!

With this hot summer many big flies and other strange beasts swim at the surface, and even more fall in frmo the trees. And obviously fish look at them. They’ll take one as a lunch break for sure. From white fish to trouts, I am pretty sure they all love that kind of flies, strange and big, buzzing like hell. I’ve always liked this way of fishing: with light line (#5), light tippet and a huge flies. In fact this is the way I fish end of summer black-bass, they love that and immediately come to check what is going up at the surface! When they do not take, that’s because they saw you. And this is another story… This video shows you a very simple model of Chernobyl Ant. You can adapt it however you want. The idea is that the fly looks like no bug ever, so you’re free to go crazy at the vise.

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Rainy days

When the heatwave has slammed us as if we were caught between an anvil an a hammer for the whole summer, we make the happy dance when the first drops are falling on us. Delightfull shower, promises of hatches. North Scandinavia with Die Sonntagsangler aka the sunday fisherman.

We love Sweden

And here we go! Another slow motion movie for your week end, lucky viewers. All that we love about going North, North of Sweden of course, where trout are big and playfull and where insects are by the thousands (even the blood sucking ones… but when you fish, who really cares?