We’ve got mail

Sometimes a friend takes the time to write us a letter. It’s always a pleasure to read from you, but this one is really special. It’s so well written I had to translate it and share it with you. This is our dope, the very reason we do all this. Thank you, Nico. You made our day.

Heya le Mouching, 

for all this, I sort of blame you, you know? The friday car full of not much that zooms towards the Aubrac, even if it wasn’t the plan at all. 

The fishing license, bought in a junk joint in Aumont-Aubrac and ten minutes later wetting my feet in the Rimeize, even if it was too warm to fish a dry on it. A phone call at Remise, just a hair short of sunstroke, to ask if by any chance they wouldn’t have a room left. And you know it well, le Mouching : Bes_recoules_d'aubraca cool beer on Remise’s terrace, just to show the heatwave who’s the boss. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  Read more…

River Borgund and Lotte Aulom

River Borgund in Norway, home of beautiful trout, fed with enormous mayflies, that’s wher you want to go. At least this is where Lotte Aulom went!

Small streams

Do you know anything that brings you happiness more than fishing free ? In little streams, walking your way up in the forest, in the shadow of the trees, up that little stream where size won’t matter but to be fast enough to set the hook on a small trout will be bliss? We love that, we love small streams, we just love it!

Summer carpin

Here’s to all of us who thought that fly fishing was only in crystal clear water with wild trout jumping on sunset with a view of the wilderness in the background! Here’s to all of us who just want to have fun, because fly fihsing is about having fun, at least that’s how we see it at Le Mouching! So if you are not in the Rockies or Scandinavia if you have an urge to flyfish, I’m sure there is a canal, a lake, a marsh , a pound whatever water you’ll find with a carp waiting for you! Carp Rules ! Kameron Brown, you rock!

Story goes……. packed my van, grabbed my dog Koa, picked up my bro, and headed out on a 60 day road trip around AMERICA. Here is a stop we made in Louisiana that just about blew our minds….. I fished with an Orvis 3wt

Filled our bellies with BOUDIN and beer just shortly after…… and smelled like poo. I love America.

Cheer up, My brother

When you put all your life into fly fishing, you don’t care about what is happening, you just fish, no matter what, you cannot live without fishing, because fishing gets you  like an obsession but we are never sure if it’s catching fish that is important or the lifestyle and friendship that goes with it, the everlasting question. The early days of Summer, end of Spring, when nature is just at its best for troutfishing. That’s when you cheer up, my brother, because nothing else matters!

Cheer up, My Brother by HNNY

Even shorter

Even shorter than Ziafly’s already very short cut, here’s a version of extreme ellipsis by Thefly.us. 32 seconds, it will be hard to still be meaningful on a much shorter movie.

Short story

You’ve had a particularly nice day on the river with your best buddy, and there was a friend kind enough to follow with a camera, or you’re cunning enough to make do between the two of you to capture that special moment on film. How long does it take to convey the feeling of that day? How long do you need to get a story rolling? Well, not that long. The guys at Ziafly do it in 58 seconds. And leave ux whishing for more, which is faaaar better than bored. Cut it short, guys.

Did you say natural silk fly line?

With summer, naturally, we spend our time trying to catch Ninja trouts in some small streams and shallow waters…that’s fun for sure! But it ain’t easy at all. Often you can see those trouts quietly dancing in streams, living their lives, just happy to swim and eat. “It’s gonna be easy dude, I’ll show you”… Yeah, well…two false-cast and a presentation later, you’ve spooked all the trouts of the river…A damn classic. That’s how a friend wiped my nose using a natural fly line instead of my fluo green, surface slapping, heavy 5wt line. For example, on a pool where I painstakingly caught one fish by surprise, he just waited for 30 minutes and caught 3 fish, even though they were scarcely rising. I was crazy…and wanted to figure it out. Then pool after pool we played the game “one for you, one for me” and we saw many times that where I spooked trouts just by casting, he often could land a fly with discretion and have a chance to catch them. Well…I will not say this is THE solution, that natural will spread around good vibes, and make trouts say “Dude you’re fishin’ in natural?! Can’t resist that swag!”…

But I think I might have a look at those silk lines in the next fly fishing shop I visit…jpth-soie-DT3