Today and for once, some fly tying stuff. My buddy Sylvain Coupé, from the SC Flyshop, earned himself quite a reputation for selling only impecable goods, only materials he uses himself at the vise. And since he’s not lacking in expertise either as a fly tyer or as a nympher, I asked him if he had some delicacy that could interest the discerning client. Here are two quite sharp items that I suggest you take a good look at. First a strong barbless hook. A real strong wire, even in the small sizes, the ideal hook for controling this angry fat mama that will get lost in the current if you can’t handle her with some authority. Pro tip: its weight will be enough to sink a small imitation, so you dont have to put on extra lead. Then some magnificent tungsten beads, in striking colors indeed. The boss says: I’ve had clients who went to a fishing trip in Bosnia and Slovenia with those. They reported that with the ARC beads, grayling were moving meters to take them! I asked: what about the trouts? Answer: graylings were too fast… I’ve confirmed this in France and in the US. They really rock when to going gets tough with other nymphs.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s all the recommendation I need.

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Le Mouching, fly fishing, N.first streetIn October, in New York, it can still be summer. The leaves of the trees turn red like the cheeks of lady bugs, the girls offer us their tanned legs and when they ride their bikes down Bedford Avenue, one wants to install oneself  on the sidewalk in a chaise long, to comfortably watch them pass.

On one of these magnificent days, Herman, my good Puerto Rican friend,  made me an irresistible proposition.

“OK Fleche… go and get your fishing rod and we’ll head out to Jamaica Bay on the Metro.  I know a spot… and this is a spot where even Junior never tossed in a line.”

You can imagine that I didn’t hesitate and less than 10 minutes later I was waiting at the corner of Bedford Avenue and North First Street with a fly rod under my arm and all of the stuff that goes with it. Read more…


And this is Xmas… Are you ready to cry? Are you ready to watch films so beautiful they’ll make you want to go fishing instantly? Well, get ready for the International Fly Fishing Festival 2015 aka IF4.2015. So after Marc Crapo’s Bermuda Love Triangle, here are some goodies! If you have the luke to be close to a theatre where it’s scheduled, book now!

“Distracted”: By Western Waters Media

“Recapture”: By Mike Percelli

“Sensei”: By Vantage Point Media House and Fly Fusion Films


Fly fishing and music, maybe the best match, follow the recording  from Cousin Joe Two Shacks second album  , playing songs and fishing at the same time. What a better life and best inspiration to be in the woods, in a cabin by the river, between friends, and night fly fishing is a whole adventure! It takes a little while to load, but once it’s done, enjoy a nice film!


Encyclopédie des mouches qui pêchentFor once we are proud to show you something French about fly fishing, a must have, the Flies That Catch Fish Encyclopedia…and how to tye them! Written by one of the finest french fly fishermen and fly tyers Philippe Boisson and  Bernard Dalmas, of course it’s in french but it’ll be easy for anyone who’s sitting in front of a vise to understand, since it’s mainly pictures and the test is often about where and when to use those flies it’ll be pretty easy. Yes, it’s a Bible for all fly tyers and of the reasons you should get it is that it might not be translated and since it’s a small edition : get it while you can ! 


Wonderland! Our friends from Hooké have just released  probably one of the best Xmas gift you’ll have this year: a 20 minutes film on fihsing the Ungava bay! For now, here’s the trailer, but you can book your tickets to see it in full at the International Fly Fishing Film Fest if you are in Northern America, but if you are elsewhere, be patient. In the meantime Enjoy!


Who’s crazy enough to stay all season guiding in Alaska? Well…here’s the answer, you can find them at Yantarni!


Cheap, useful, smart and pretty, what else? You can give anawesome present with the Tibor Keychain for 25$, it comes engraved with our favorite fish: trout, salmon, tarpon, bass, permit, bonefish, rooster fish, dorado, snook, redfish, albacore, sailfish, pike…and in three colours, black, blue or metal gold. En you can have it engraved with the text of your choice! A must!

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