When Tail Magazine #34 came in my mailbox this morning, it was like sun coming to warm my body in the middle of winter! Tail is like bliss to me, I instantly feel better, as soon as I look at the cover, I’m in, I’m the one catching that marlin, I’m the one tying those flies, I’m the one finding a way in the salted march, I’m the one drinking that cool beer, eating that spicy fish, I’m the one getting crazy about that permit, I’m the one getting all excited because I saw those bones tailing! Yes, tailing! That’s what it’s all about, Tail is called Tail because of tailing, and not about insect hatching, duh! So now it’s time for you to read it, sunscreen mandatory.

Lines, which one?lines

Inside the box, what’s your fly? flies

Salt Marsh. its secrets.marsh

Zzzzziiiiiiii Moskitos, why we hate them!moskitos

Broke & Fly, our friend Peter Husted and his buddy Jesse Males


Permitopia: you’ve just opened a can of whoopass!


You’re thisty, already, get a beerbeer

And a beer is always bettter with a meal!chicken-salad

Tuscan Bunny, honestly, did you check those flies?tuscan-bunny

Bahamas, Andros, but the West Side.andros

Gangster and Hitmengangsters

Bill fish, tease that sail!billfish

Anglers opinion. And you, waddyatink?anglers-opine

Ok, now you can put some aftesun.